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Business you can start with 100k

Business is very vital in this era of the world today because the government have failed to provide jobs for numerous graduate that graduate from universities on a yearly basis it only people with long legs( connection ) that get jobs now so its let for you to create a business of your own to able to make money for yourself business is engaging in providing services in exchange for money or providing products for customers in exchange for money here are some of the business you can start with 100k

1 Fish farming
Fish farming is a very productive business you can  engage in that will bring in good money for you infact any farming related stuff will bring in good money for you ,you can start your fish farm with a sum of 100 thousand naira and you can grow gradually but firstly you have to have to learn the art of fish rearing because there are some little details you need to tend to like when to feed the fishes its very important so that the fish will not be eating each other all the Time because this might result to loss and their feed must be a good one so that the fish can grow to be big and fleshy and then now all you have to do is find a tank or have a place dug that you can use for the fish pond then you have to buy fingerling and get their food and be taking care of them till they are big now you have to  tell people about your fish pond so that they can be patronizing you can be supplying bars ,peer parlours ,hotels and so on in bulks and you can be making your money

2 Pig farming
There is a high demand for pork in the market pork is the meat of pig yes you can engage in pigfarming its a very lucrative and very productive business like I told you earlier any thing farming there is a lot of money there so you can begin your pig farm with 100 thousand naira what you need is to get  a place you will be raring them thats not near resident place because the pigs get nasty you can just get 2 male younglings and 2 female youngling Then you can start taking care of them till they give birth they can give birth to up to 6 young  then after they are grown up you can sell off their parents or sell part of the young ones too and a pig cost all most 30 thousand naira now imagine selling 3 thats 90 thousand naira with this you can grow gradually

3 food vendor
Food vendor is a very profitable business you can engage in and you will be making good money you heard many stores of women that sell amala and they buys cars yes its true and this can be you too  every day people eat in the  morning afternoon night so you can engage in food sales all you need to do is find a busy spot to build your shop you dont even need to cook buy yourself as times goes on when the profits are rolling in but at first you must cook because of the low capital that is been used to start the business there are many people that go to work without eating with the mindset that they will buy food  they will buy in the morning an afternoon so be rest assured you cant run out of business .you can also publicise your business in order for more customers to roll in

4 fairly used electronics
Fairly used electronics known as tokunbo many people love buying fairly used stuffs because its durable  and its not too costly you can get a fairly used TV set for 15 thousand naira  imagine how much the seller bought it maybe 5 or 7 thousand and there are other electronics you can order like irons kettles speakers and a whole lot of other what you need To do is get a shop then you can order for the electronics and you have to publicise yourself that people can get to know your business and know what you are selling so that you van get more customers and people can redirect customers your way so that money can keep rolling in

5 fairly used clothes
Fairly used clothes popularly known as tokunbo is a very good business you can engage in and make good money from people there are a lot of people that depends mainly on these clothes if you get to places like Ibadan these are some people wear and if you get igbona market in Oshogbo on Tuesday there  are many traders who put out their clothes for sale all you need is your capital and a busy spot to sell your goods especially near a market many people are selling This so my advice is that you get a shop and use the rest of the money to buy bundles of clothes the shop is to provide class to your shop so it won't look to shabby by placing the clothes on the floor all that is left is to advertise your business to make customer or people patronize your business

6 wig making
There's is a very high demand in the market for girls hair accessories it's also a very lucrative business you can start with 100 thousand naira or less many girls want to look good and slay this is where you come in as a wig maker if you know how to make wigs then good for you but if you dont know how to you can learn there are various wigs the braided wigs and the fixed wigs you can make all that because theres high demand for them in the market and you will make good money from it all you need to do is advertise your business because thats the whole reason for this so that people can buy from you and this can be done by posting on Twitter and your friends can retweet for you and your friends can repost on  what's app too

7 photography
This is also a very lucrative business you can start with 100 thousand naira you can get a very quality camera for less than 100thousand naira there are many owambe during the weekend and there are various occasions too during the week and they need a photographer you can get business by letting them contract you for the owambe, weddings and still on the photography you can establish a photo studio this is very common and rampant now people go to studious to get shots for their birthdays and a you can charge them less as a biginner so that you too can grow gradually and catch up because there are big big studios you can't compete with then you need to advertise your self so that you can get more and more customers and so that people can refer customers  to your way too

8.computer business centre
Yes this is a very lucrative business that will bring in good money for you if you are ready to work for you to establish a good computer that will be able to compete very well because as of now there are many computer centres outside you must be very very good and vast in different areas of computer knowledge to make your easier you can be a graphics designer or know how to operate ms word very well because these are the things people that make people come to computer centers you can just get a shop get a good laptop and generator  photocopier machine and printer then you are good to go and make sure to advertise your business so that you can get many customers

9.computer accessories sale
This is a very lucrative and productive business and you can start with 100 thousand  naira you can just start gradually with flash laptop batteries softwares and others there is high demand in the market for computer accessories that you can easily make god money from this business and establish yourself fully there will always be sales you need not worry about that because people will always be in need of gadgets and all other  computer related stuffs and you can also advertise your business so you can get good customers so that profit can keep on rolling in

Here are some of the business you can start with 100k this is a big capital and you can easily recover the money you used to start the business in no time so stay patient as the business will thrive slowly and from there you will pick off and remember publicising your business is very important because without that you won't be able to get business across to many people thereby bringing in less money to you which is the main purpose of establishing the business

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