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6 Working Cheats and Tricks to Get Amazon Prime Videos For Free

How to Get Amazon Prime Video for Free Forever, This 6 Ultimate Guide Will Helps You Get Free Trial and Account Fast & Quick

Amazon prime has been in existence since 2005, and it had over 80 million users worldwide in 2017. In 2015 Amazon had 40 million users. That means their prime member got doubled in 2 good years. It was revealed that 65% are very active among all the Amazon prime members. They ship goods regularly. In 2017 Amazon sent over 5 billion goods to prime customers.

Amazon prime is very popular; it was never expensive but sometimes last year in May 2018, Amazon increased the most drastic price from $99 per anum to $119  let's say $12 per month.

What is Amazon Prime?

Amazon prime is simply a business service authorized by amazon. You will get excellent deals from Amazon,it also comes with different options, one is a free shipping service on tons of products for two days, it depends on where you are shopping from.

These are the Best Ways for Getting Amazon Primed Account for Free Forever

(1) Create an account as a student

Amazon will find out a copy of your transcript and your acceptance letter from the school.

(2) 1-month trial

If you have just joined the Amazon prime, you will be given a free trial that will only last for one month. Just visit the Amazon page, and you sign up for the free one month trial. Once the test is over, you can decide to be a member of the Amazon prime. You pay the fee every month or every year. You go for the one that's suites you.

(3) Earn money with Amazon credits and store cards

If you shop on Amazon, consistently you will get Amazon rewards. You get 5% back from any product you buy on the platform. You will be able to cover up with your bills in one month if you spend up to $1000 every month on amazon. 
The only problem here is that Amazon doesn't have a credit card that gives out a free Amazon prime.
 Amazon has a card just like a store card, and they both have the same reward. You get %5 back whenever you purchase anything on the platform.

(4) Associate with Amazon

If you are a blogger or you own a website, you can venture into Amazon affiliate programs. If you join the Amazon program, you will get a commission once someone buys anything on Amazon through the affiliate link you placed on your blog you will get a commission, and it's likely for you to make a lot of sales. Most especially when your blog receives a lot of traffic. Make sure you work on your blog traffic.

Amazon has a great affiliate program that helps a lot of bloggers earn some bucks.  You will also be rewarded with $3 once you have just signed up for the Amazon affiliate program. I know someone that made close to $2000  as an affiliate on Amazon in one month you can do the same if you work towards it.

(5) Make use of Amazon mom

Amazon mom is meant for parent and grandparents. You will get a 3-month free trial without any obligation if you join the Amazon mom, after the three months trial you will be asked to pay $119 per month.

(6) Create multiple accounts with different Mails

I have heard of someone saying he created various accounts with separate emails to get free Amazon trials. Make sure you don't use the same credit card for a different account, or else Amazon will know.

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