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6 Important Documents Every Business Owners Must Have and Secure

Important documents every business owner needs to secure

As a business owner, there are some relevant documents you must secure. If you already have these documents, can you remember where you kept them? If no, then you need to fish them out in your house. These documents are meant to be held in a safe place why because they are valuable records for your business. You don't need to expose these documents in a place where there are kids no matter how big or small your business is. These document are  very important because they are essential  in terms of  protecting the financial records

Here are the important documents you need to secure;

(1). Employee personnel files

Employee personal file is essential. It has some useful information. You need to keep it in safe cabinets. Make sure the documents are locked, and you should keep out in reach of children. Keeping it in locked cabinets makes it easy for you to get it whenever you need it. You need to remember where the key to the cabinet is kept aswell.

(2). Financial statements and checkbook

Make sure your financial statements and checkbook are also kept in the same place; this method will help your documents be protected from theft. Your checkbook is very important and very valuable you might think it's not useful, but a day will come when you will need it.

(3). Online login details and password

You might have a lot of files which you will always want to upload online. It is essential to store your password maybe in your Gmail or Yahoo mail why because if you save them in you try to save them without jotting it somewhere, you will forget it. They are so many things we store in our brain. Our brain is not computerized.

(4). Birth certificates

Everyone has a birth certificate. Make sure you have lots of copies. And you put them in the cabinet where you store your essential files. A birth certificate is necessary you will need them for several reasons.

(5). Social security cards

Always make sure your social security card is locked in a safe place. You don't carry it along with you when you are going out so that your identity and information won't be misplaced.

(6).  Passports

If you have a passport, I will advise you always to make lots of copies, and you keep it with you just in case you misplace the original copy. Make sure you put them in the same cabinets where you put your documents. These documents are essential, and you need to keep them safe because you will need them Someday.

Now I want to talk about how to secure these documents.

4 ways to secure these documents.

(1).  Make digital copies

If you want to secure these documents, you will need to get a cabinet where you will keep them.  I will also advise you to make lots of copies of each document. But the digital copy is the best.

You will get your scanner and scan the documents. Make sure you scan all, and you store them in an online storage service, For instance,  justclod,Dropbox,and sugar sync. 

These tools will help your files be saved in a remote server, which can be accessed online. once you have stored these documents on these tools. You don't need to worry about any accidents like fire or if your system hard drive is corrupt. These tools also help you track information of anybody that tried accessing your files online.

(2).  Make use of your smartphone

Sometimes you don't need to rely on your system; you can also use your smartphone to secure some documents by taking pictures of the documents. All you have to do is to save them in your phone where other people will not see it.

(3).  Don't leave your information on the table

If you leave the documents on the table, someone might pick it up. If you have a printer. I will advise you to scan them so you can send every material to your email address.

(4). Back them up all the documents

Make sure you back up every essential document. Make sure the physical ones are scanned. You Store them in a flash drive just for backup. Also, make sure your hard drive is safe. you make sure it doesn't crash as well.

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