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3 Tips to Make Money Buying and Selling Agricultural Produce in Nigeria

How to make money in Nigeria by buying and selling agricultural produce 

 There are tons of agricultural production you can invest in. I will be talking about how to venture into agriculture produce. After reading this article; it's left for you to focus on the one you wish to invest in. If you've always wished you could invest in agricultural produce, but you find it challenging to start your farmland, or you don't have money to start the business. We will be talking about how it will be a bit easy for you in this article. Agricultural produce is a very lucrative business, profitable and exciting. 

One thing about the agricultural industry is that anyone can invest in it, that's why I like the business. It does matter if you are rich, poor, employed, or unemployed. Everyone is capable of investing in it. You don't need a skill or a vast land before you can start the business. 

We will talk about how you can start the business with deficient capital, but before you start the business, there are some things you need to put into consideration. The first thing is your decision. You can be a retailer, a distributor, or even a wholesaler. You can sell any item. But before you start, you need to make a decision; it matters a lot. 

They are some other things you need to consider, while you are choosing the agricultural products you would love to buy and sell. And also make plans for how you are going to sell them. 

 The amount of money you will invest in it will determine the number of agricultural products you can sell and where you can sell them. You can start the business with as low as #25,000. It might not be up to that; it depends on the type you want. But you need to come up with a plan that will make the business last long.

Choose a functional area of specialization. Let's assume you are a full-time worker. You won't have much time to go to the market to sell your agricultural product. Like okro,Tomatoes and pepper. But it will be okay for you to buy egusi once in a year and you sell it during its season. Hope you get what I'm talking about? 

Steps for starting agricultural productions

(1). Medium and large scale 

 Medium and large scale is the best way to venture into this business. You buy the farm produce from a particular state, and you sell them in another state, for instance, you bought some bag's of Irish potatoes from the north, and you sold them in Lagos where Irish potato is scarce. You can decide to travel to other African countries to buy agricultural products, and you sell them in another country. I have heard about people that go to countries like mali to buy their fish, and they sell them here in Nigeria. Some even Travel to Cameroon to buy their pepper, and they sell them in Nigeria. If you want to venture into this business fully, you will need to create a lot of time and be ready to travel if you want to make a lot of profit from this business. You will need enough money, not even #50.000. Your transportation alone will cost you more than that. You will need considerable capital if you want to invest in it fully. 

(2).  Buy and sell small quantities 

 You can purchase goods from the farmers, and you sell them in the market. This method doesn't require much, why because there are simple logistics and transportation concerns. The business will be done in the same state, and that's the main reason why the capital will be moderate. If you and the farmer has a very close relationship. He might allow you to sell the goods first, and you pay after-sales. This method won't cost you anything. The only disadvantage is that you are not going to expect a massive profit because the business trade will be done in the same state. 

 (3).  Store and sell 

Storing and selling later is another method for buying and selling agricultural products. You can buy a particular agricultural product during its season. And that will be when the price is low. You as a consumer, you sell them when it's off-season. You sell them at a higher price, and you are going to make a lot of profits. Examples of crops you can store is guinea corn,ogbono, palm oil, egusi, melon seeds, dried pepper and many more. You need to know each season of the agricultural produce. So you will know when to sell them. During its season, you get them at a meager price, and when it's off-season, you sell them at a higher price. And that is when you are going to make a lot of sales. This is the best strategy for a full-time worker to invest in agricultural production. Buying and selling will take a long time. You have to be very patient. If you want to buy large quantities of the farm produce in insurance transit. Because an accident can occur at any time.

With all these methods I hope you've been able to grab one or two things on how to make money in Nigeria by buying and selling Agricultural product..

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