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Top 8 List of Websites That Pays Article Writers With Dollars

List of websites that will pay you in dollars to write

If you've ever wished you could make money online by writing articles. You've gotten to the right content for that; I made in-depth research on the websites that pay content writers to write articles. And I discovered these website; they are very genuine and reliable.

 I'm going to talk about 8 different sites that will pay you in dollars to submit an article to them.

I haven't tested all the sites, but I have done research about them, and I got positive reviews. If you write good content and they get approved you would be paid instantly. I will be listing eight different websites that will pay you immediately if your content gets approved.

Most of these sites pay $50 per article; some even pay up to $200. All you have to do is just to visit the sites, and you take action by submitting articles.
Once your articles are approved, you will smile to the bank. One important thing about these websites is that you will be allowed to include your link and also a biography about yourself. You can make this an avenue for getting a link back to your blog. These sites are very genuine and reliable

Here are the list of websites that will pay you to write in dollars

(1).  ACHS

This is a  health blog that pays article writers $50 for articles related to Wellness, and holistic health. This site is very reliable, and they pay instantly once your article is accepted. You get paid $50 per article you submit on this site. They want the articles to be around  600 words to 1000 words. If you're going to write for this site just visit the link.

(2).  Audio Tuts+

Audio Tuts is among the blogs in Envato blog list. The blog provides writing opportunities for individuals. You can earn  $50 by writing articles for this site. They mostly want their contents to be around 500 words. Once your article is approved, you would be paid $50 for it. Just visit the site, and you will go through the process.

(3). PSD Tuts

If you're very good in Photoshop, or you have some tricks, you would love to share why not consider writing for PSD tuts, and you get paid in dollars straight into your Paypal account. All you have to do is just visit the sites, and you click on submit to PSD tuts. If you can write a unique Photoshop tutorial, you will be rewarded with $50 to $150 for  any accepted article.

(4). Techspot

Techspot is an excellent website that provides different options to make money on the site. You get a different payment option from this site. They have the option of $50 for 800 words content; they have the option of $45 for 600 words content, they have the option of $40 for 400 words content, they have the option of $25 for 250 words content. The site is massive. It has almost 500,000 monthly visitors. If you can write about tech or computer niche. You will get a lot of engagements you will also receive a lot of writing opportunities visit the sites, and you go through the procedures.

(5). Writers weekly

This is  not a blog, it's an online publication where you can be paid to write contents. If you want to write on writers weekly. Just go through the process, the site pays around $40 to $60per article you submit.

(6).   Funds for writers
This site is fantastic. They are looking out for people with excellent writing skills. The site pays around $45 to $50 per article, and you have the opportunity to choose between PayPal and check as your payment option. The content will be under approval for one week. Once your article is approved you'll be notified through your email; then you will be asked to  send your PayPal  Details.

(7). Listverse
Listverse is a popular website that pays you to publish anything. The site accepts unique and interesting contents. If you want to publish any content on listverse. Make sure your articles are interesting and engaging. You get paid $200 for every article you submit. Your article must be around 1500 words. Your content must include ten items. for instance, the top 10 footballers we have in Nigeria.  if you want to write for the sites, just visit  the website through this link

(8).  Back to college
Back to college is a very good websites where students can publish any unique contents about education. If you submit any  unique content to this site, you will be rewarded with $5 to $125 per article you submit. make sure the article must  be around 400 words to 600 words, and you will also have a bio about yourself in your article. Just visit the site through this link and you follow the instructions.

These are the lists of website that can pay you in dollars in writing.. Try it out...

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