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Top 50+ Modifiers for Article and Best SEO Content Writing

50+ Modifiers for Article and Best SEO Content Writing to Bring Huge Traffic and Sales to your Business or Site.

Briefly introduction: Modifiers are words that cannot stands on its own, this means they are used to highlight the keywords inside an article and also to modify keywords in a sentence.

Modifier stands has keyword backup and call-to-action in a sentence.

Modifiers are the words that will told readers or searchers that this is what you are looking for or this is the answer you should pick. Every search queries on Google contains one or more modifiers.

Keywords vs Modifiers.


Keywords are words that has complete meaning and they can stand on their own while modifiers are incomplete and can't stands alone.

For example: SEO - is a keyword because it has a complete meaning, (Search engine optimization).

Bet9ja - is a keyword because it represent a company name, and many others like that.

How to make money online - is a keyword because it has a meaning and also a question asked by the searcher.


Modifiers are words that are used to complete a sentence, thus they can start a sentence or ends the sentence.

For example: Best - is a modifier because it can't stand alone, you can't write ordinary best as a topic of as a sentence.

Cheat - is a modifier because you can't say "this is a cheat" or "cheat i do today", Rather than you will used it to modify a word.
For example: this is a standard "SEO cheat". You have use 'cheat' to modifies the word SEO.

Example 2: cheat to win bet9ja virtual football.
You have used cheat to modify the word "bet9ja virtual football".
So, your post will be picked up if anyone search for "How to win bet9ja virtual football" and so on.

Modifiers are different from keywords, below you will see how to use modifiers - the right ways.

 Table of Contents. 

1. What is Article Modifier?
2. Types of Modifiers?
3. Examples of Post Modifiers?
4. List of Article Writing Modifiers?
5. How to Modify Article for SEO?
6. Modifiers needed in Article Writing?
7. Modifiers Placement in a Sentence?
8. How to use Article Modifiers?

Below are the "Article Writing Modifiers" that your boss don't want you to know; in Essay writing, article writing quiz in school, format of article writing, strategies of article writing, skills of article writing, steps of article writing, especially when you are writing a blog post for SEO (search engine optimization) on your website.

1. What is Article Modifiers?

In article (content) writing, a Modifier is a wordphrase, or clause that functions as an adjective or adverb to provide additional information about another word or word group (called the head). A modifier is also known as Adjunct.

What are SEO Modifiers?
Modifiers are words that people add onto a base keyword when trying to find more relevant search results in a search engine.

They include "Adjectives, Materials, Slang, Shopping terms, verbs, questions", and anything else that will bring back a more relevant results.

You can use a single Modifier's for more queries or combine them together to form a long tail keyword phrases.

2. Types of Modifiers?

1. Adjectives
2. Adverbs

Adjectives - (adjectival phrases and adjectival clauses).

Adverbs - (adverbial phrases and adverbial clauses).

3. Examples of Modifiers?

1. I won bet9ja "Red" jackpot.
The RED is an example of Modifiers in an article, in a sentence, or in a blog post.

2. I won the jackpot "massively".
The MASSIVELY is an example of Modifiers in an article, in a sentence, or in a blog post.

4. List of Modifiers in Article Writing?

  • Top
  • Best
  • Massively
  • Red
  • What can I
  • How can I
  • 10 most visited
  • Weight of 1.50 kg
  • Biggest
  • And so on.

5. How to Modify Article for SEO?

There are many simple ways to modifies article (your blog posts) for SEO to rank your page high in "Number One" on Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask and other search engines.

Let me show you the Simple & Best (Article Writing Skills for SEO, Article Writing Strategy for SEO, Article Writing Tips for SEO, Article Writing Techniques for SEO).

1). List of Top 10 SEO Agencies in Nigeria.
> Modifiers inside this title are -: List, and Top 10.

2). 25 Article writing Strategy to develop your site quickly.
> Modifiers inside this title are -: 25StrategyDevelopQuickly.

I love this 2nd title most because it start with Modifiers and also ends with modifiers, that's what Google loves most and the SEO 'search engine optimization' juice.

Hope you enjoy the "Contents writing Strategy, Tips, Skills, and Techniques" mentioned above.

6. Modifiers needed in article writing.

The Modifiers needed when you are writing an article is mentioned above.

7. Where to place Modifiers in a sentence.

As you have seen the example given above, you can place modifiers at the beginning of a sentence, in a middle, and at the end of an article sentence, when you are 'writing standard SEO contents for your business'.

Useful and Important of Modifiers in an Article.

  • No Modifier, No Article.
  • Little Modifiers, Article is useless.
  • Incomplete Modifier, Article is half-a-way.
  • Wrong insertion of Modifiers, Article looks meaningless.
  • No Primary Modifiers, Article is Incomplete.

A blogger that wants to rank high on Google must write his/her contents - the right way.

Notes: You are not going to be using or writing Modifiers in your blog posts title only but in the entire article at where necessary.

8. How to use article modifiers in blog post.

1. Best, Better.
This is one of the excellent modifiers that gives call-to-action to your contents when readers see it on Google.

For example: Best SEO tricks and tips that your website needs in 2019.

The word "Best" has told the readers that your post is the one they need.
This is an Adjective Modifiers.

2. Top.
Searchers: How can i be on Top of Google first page?
Your own Answer: Simple tricks that will boost your site SEO and be on top of Google.

3. Most visited.
Searchers: List of Most Visited sites in Nigeria 2019?
Your own Answer: 2019 Full list of most visited sites in Nigeria.

4. High, Higher, & Highest.
Searchers: How to rank my website high on Google free of charge?
Your own Answer: 25 tips to rank your website high on Google.

5. Beautiful.
Searchers: Where to get the most beautiful fashion dresses?
Your own Answer: We have many high quality and beautiful fashion dresses for ladies.

6. Upload, Download.
Searchers: How to upload my songs online.
Your own Answer: No.1 music downloading platform and free upload.

7. Quickly.
Your own Answer: follow my strategy on how to make money online quickly.

8. Who is.
Your own Answer: Facebook.com is now the owner of WhatsApp Inc.
This is a question modifier and it can represent "Adverb modifiers".

9. Top 10, 20, 50, 100+.
Your own Answer: Top 10 list of richest bloggers in Nigeria.

10. Fast, Faster, & Fastest.
Your own Answer: Fastest and easiest ways to make money on YouTube.

11. Beginning, Beginners.
Your own Answer: Complete tutorial on web design for the beginners.

12. Simple.
Your own Answer: 5 simple tricks i used to make money on Instagram.

13. Tips.
Your own Answer: 20+ Tips to rank your article high on Google 2019.

14. Tricks.
Your own Answer: 2019 Best Tricks to write a standard SEO contents for your site.

15. Cheats.
Your own Answer: Powerful SEO Cheat to rank on Google Page 1.

16. Strategy.
Your own Answer: Get thousands of daily pageviews with this 2019 SEO Strategy.

17. Techniques.
Your own Answer: Whitehat SEO Techniques to build and develop blog traffic.

18. How to.
Your own Answer: How to write a search engine friendly articles.

19. Track.
Your own Answer: This App can Track any website server and ip address.

20. Meaning.
Your own Answer: Everything you need to know about Modifiers Meaning from A-Z.

21. Control.
Your own Answer: 5 tips to manage and Control a new blog.

22. Site.
Your own Answer: Fastest tips to get 1000 daily visitors for your site.

23. Latest.
Your own Answer: Latest SEO contents writing for 2019.

24. How much.
Your own Answer: 2019 list of How much you can pay for SEO services.

25. Right.
Your own Answer: The Right way to use article writing modifiers.

26. Cost.
Your own Answer: 6 things that Cost you to get 1k pageviews everyday.

27. Weight.
Your own Answer: Top secrets to loss 1.5kg Weight overnight

28. Size.
Your own Answer: Check the numbers your webpage Size must not exceed.

29. New.
Your own Answer: 25 New ways to write an high quality article.

30. Old.
Your own Answer: How to optimize your Old contents for SEO.

31. Ways.
Your own Answer: 25 Ways to use Modifiers in article writing.

32. Connect, Connection.
Your own Answer: Easy steps to Connect your Adsense account with YouTube.

33. Plan.
Your own Answer: Expert Tips on how to write a business Plan.

34. Develop, Developed, & Development.
Your own Answer: Develop your content writing skills with this specialist advice.

35. Build.
Your own Answer: How to Build blog traffic for the beginners.

36. Create.
Your own Answer: 10 strategies to Create a money making blog.

37. Start.
Your own Answer: How to Start a money making blog 2019.

38. Link, Linked, & Linking.
Your own Answer: How to Link Adsense Account with YouTube.

39. Hot, Hottest.
Your own Answer: Download Hot release music of the week.

40. Over.
Your own Answer: How to predict and win Over 2.5goals on bet9ja.

41. Under.
Your own Answer: Under 2.5 goals betting strategies.

42. Select, Selection.
Your own Answer: How to Select perfect keywords for SEO on your blog.

43. Join.
Your own Answer: Join our WhatsApp group for content writing training and SEO contents writing.

44. Professional.
Your own Answer: Steps by steps guide to create a Professional blog.

45. Gain.
Your own Answer: Tricks to Gain 5000 daily pageviews with content writing skills.

46. Viral.
Your own Answer: 2019 Trending News and Viral video.

47. Boost.
Your own Answer: How to Boost SEO of your website without making payment.

48. Optimize, Optimization.
Your own Answer: How to Optimize your blog contents for search engines.

49. Monetize, Monetization.
Top Ads network to Monetize your blog to generate revenue every month.

50. Manage.
Top tips to Manage a small town business and make faster sales.

That's the 50 Modifiers for standard article writing best practices as an expert and for SEO link juice for Google bot and search spider to crawl and rank your blog post (contents) quickly and bring it on top to the first page and number one of all search results.

So, always make use of modifiers when you are writing your article on your site or if you wants to submit it to your clients as a writer.

Pls kindly put down your reviews on this post. Thanks, we are waiting for your comments.

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