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Soccervista: 100% Tips and Formula to Workout GG & over2.5 to Win

Soccervista.com Prediction: Best Strategies to workout GG&2.5, Over/Under 2.5, Sure wins, Sure draws, How to Predict and Win with SoccerVista Tips, Statistics, Fixtures and Banker of the day.

 In this article, I will show you how to workout Soccervista sure games for today and tomorrow matches that have 100% winning accuracy & guarantee. Soccer Prediction by soccervista itself is 80% guarantee but I will teach you how to select, how to calculate sure games with soccervista statistics, head to head (H2H), Last 5 matches, scoring power, teams ability, Home/Away fixtures, teams form, teams accuracy, agility, info and stats, teams lineup, formation and prediction formula algorithm provided by soccervista.com for soccer punters and tipsters to use for their daily prediction.

Today, you're going to learn how to workout sure wins game with soccervista statistics, secondly; you will watch the video tutorial that will teach you how to predict and win everyday with soccervista.com football prediction website.

According to our reviews at sharpestarena.com: soccervista.com is one of the best football prediction site that gives accurate tips to help soccer punters to win everyday.

Many punters asked? How to predict and win, everyday on Google. So, that's why I create this post to help you all.

Steps by Steps Guide to Predict and Win with SoccerVista Prediction and Football Tips

My name is Sharpest Tips, I am an expert soccer tipster that predict and win everyday. I have many WhatsApp group and Facebook group, including telegram channel, which I post sure games everyday for my members to play and win.

Follow the football betting strategies and soccervista prediction statistics I wanted to share you in this article, if you wants to win football bets everytime.

1. SoccerVista Main Prediction
Once you visit www.soccervista.com website, you will see today's games that soccervista "predict" on their site. Pls don't focus on that "prediction" because you can loose if you play those games as soccervista predict them.
Soccer vista will predict "correct scores" for the match.
E.g. Manchester city vs Arsenal = 2:2. Or Chelsea vs Man U = 2:1.

Though, this will gives you an idea of what both teams can play but don't predict the game like that if you wants to put the game in your accumulator or if you want to play it as "single selection".

If soccervista gives a game correct score of 3:0, that doesn't mean the team is going to (win or play over 2.5). And if soccervista gave a game correct score of 1:1, that doesn't mean the match will result to draw or the game won't play over2.5 goals.

Soccer vista predict with their own idea, so you as a punter needs to predict the same game with your own formula and strategy.

For instance, you may see them giving a game that supposed to result to over 3.5 as "under 1:0" correct score. So you don't need to worry or got scared with their main Prediction.

2. SoccerVista Reviews & Facts
The real facts about soccervista is that they help punters with their statistics and teams comparisons, head to head, league table, teams form, teams position, teams accuracy, match fixtures, past and current leagues info, teams scoring power and ability chart, home and away results signal, system for teams compare indicator line, and so on.

All this mentioned above make soccervista one of the "most visited soccer prediction sites" that everyone loves to use on a daily basis.

3. How to workout (Sure Straight Win), Over/Under 2.5, GG (btts) with Soccervista
Firstly visit the website soccervista.com and scroll down below to "select" the league you want to check their prediction. 

Once the page loads, you'll see soccervista prediction for the game, "click on any Team" and it will takes you to the statistics and info page provided for each teams.

Now, it will takes you to where you'll see Head To Head and previous matches of both teams. This will helps you to know the (current form of the 2 teams).

Now, move down below to the (League Table Chart), you will also see (All Home/Away Matches Chart) Under it, then you will see the 2 teams indicated with (blue line and yellow line) by soccervista.

Just move down below to the (Last 5 Matches Chart) that's where to calculate the prediction and workout over/under = o1.5, o2.5, GG (btts), straight win, and other options.

How to Calculate 2 teams that can play Over1.5, Over2.5, GG (both teams to score), and 1X2 straight win

Football Prediction Training with SoccerVista Statistics and Info.Let's say we wants to calculate for Flora U21 vs Legion in Estonia league.

Flora U21   -   Legion    
      1            X        2        GG    NG    2.5   
    5.24      3.15   1.55     1.40  1.95  1.42

Strategy 1 - Head 2 Head
First thing to do is to look for their Head to Head (H2H).

As you can see it in the above screenshot that Legion beat Flora U21 two times they meet both home/away.

Legion - wins with 3-0 and 2-1, so this gives us 20% assurance that Legion can still beat Flora U21.

Strategy 2 - Current Form
The second thing you will looks for is the current form of the 2 teams, especially there last 5 matches.
Now, let's check both teams current form to know the 2nd percentage we're going to bring out.

Flora U21 - win 4 and lose 1 in last 5 matches, 3+3+3+3+0 = 12.
Legion - win 3 and draw 2 in last 5 matches.
3+3+3+1+1 = 11.
This gives us 20% assurance that Flora U21 can also beat Legion.

Strategy 3 - Home/Away Ability
The third thing to do is to check both teams Home/Away matches ability. Do they always win when they are at home, do they normally win when they are at away, do they score much goals or conceded much goals when they are at home or away.

Flora U21 - wins 2 matches at home, loss 1 match at home, and win 2 matches at away.
Legion - wins 2 matches at home, win 1 match at away, and draw 2 at away.
Flora - Home = 3+3+0 = 6.
Flora - Away = 3+3 = 6.
Legion Home = 3+3 = 6.
Legion Away = 3+1+1 = 5.
As we see that both teams have 6 points in Home matches but Flora have 6 points in Away matches while Legion have 5 points.
This gives us 20% assurance that Flora U21 can still beat Legion.

We're going to complete this post in few hours, so check back later........

In order to understand this tutorial very well, make sure you watch this below Video, for your own benefits.


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