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List of 7 Free Tools you get when you create a Google Account

List of Free Tools you can get when you have a Google Account

 Will all know Google is the best search engine in the whole world. Everyone uses Google all the time. The search engine provides answers to almost every questions you type on the dashboard with just a click. Over a hundred thousands questions are asked on Google every minutes and every second. And there is always an answer to all the queries.

One thing you need to know about Google is that. They provide free tools for developers, Marketers, and other professionals. The tool helps them get better results In their online businesses. These tools will help you build brand awareness, boost your search engine rankings, engage with more audience. And also to manage and track your Brands reputation. The benefits you will get as a Google marketer is that you will be given these tools for free. As a marketer or a professional, you need to take advantage of these tools. The tools will help you improve your site rankings on Search engine and social media. These tools are essential. 

Here are the tools you get for free from Google;

 (1). Google AdSense

  Do you have a blog or website where you publish unique contents? Or do you have a YouTube channel where you upload exciting videos? Why not get a Google AdSense account and you display ads on your YouTube channel and websites If you display Google ads on your blog, you get paid for every clicks you generate on the ads. But If you are displaying ads on your YouTube channel, you would be paid for every 1000 views you get on your channel, and you cash out once you have a minimum of $100 every 21st of the month. That's a lucrative way of earning money with Google. 

 (2).  Google Analytics

Google Analytics is among the best tools you get from Google; it is meant for monitoring the amount of traffic you get every single day on your website or blog. You can use this tool to track the amount of traffic you get on your blog every day. It is terrific in terms of knowing the audience, the language, and the locations. It is also useful in terms of identifying the audience that came from Social Network. It will also show you the exact social network the visitor came from. You will know the browser the visitor used in opening your page and the network the visitor used to visit your blog. 

 (3). Google Adwords keyword tool 

 Do you need ideas of keywords to use on your website? Google keywords tool can be of great help. You would get to know the right keyword to use for your campaign or paid advertisement. If you are practicing search engine optimization (SEO), you can use the Google Keyword Planner tool to get the right keyboard that will help you improve your search rankings on Google. One significant fact about Google keyboard tool is that you will know the amount you get on Adsense (CPC) Also known as cost per click. You will even see the number of people looking for the keyword on the search engine. That's the importance of Google keyboard tool. 

 (4). Google Books 

 If you are the types that love reading books, this tool might be the right source for getting different kinds of books on the internet. You can read some books for free while some might not be for free you can purchase some of these books with iTunes. One thing about this tool is that it has lots of books. I have read different books with this tool. 

 (5). Google DoubleClick ads planner

  If you need demographics or quick web traffic, you can get it with the use of Google DoubleClick ads planner. If you run a complex website, you'll be able to get more information about your audience, which includes the gender household income, other sites visited. you can try this tool , It is very important. 

 (6).  Google Drive 

 Google Drive is an excellent tool that will help you store different files. You can save a file worth 5 GB on Google Drive. You can store 1GB on Picasa you can also store 10gb on your Gmail, all for free. If you want the premium version, you are going to pay $2.49, and you will get 25GB. There is also a paid version for $799 per month. If you want to purchase a paid version for $799 per month. You will be given 16Tb. 

(7).  Google Translator 

 If you visit a blog in another language or you get a mail-in other language, Google translator can help you translate to your preferred language. One significant thing about this tool is that it's not a must for you to know the language before you can convert it to yours. you might not get the full details of the contents, but you would get the message...

Just try it out ...

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