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Latest Bet9ja Highest Winners for 2018/2019, With Tickets ID

List of Bet9ja Highest Winners for 2018/2019, With their Pictures, Tickets ID & Coupon Code for Millions of Naira they Won

Bet9ja is a bookmaking company offering bet on major sporting events in Nigeria. It is known that this is the second most visited website in Nigeria followed only by Google.com as of 2018.

Bet9ja is an official sponsor of the Nigeria Women’s Football League. Last year, Bet9ja signed a 200 Million Naira sponsorship agreement with Nigeria's Men's football league. In this article, you will find stories about Bet9ja winners 2017-2018 who became millionaires.

 Bet9ja lucky winners, We are going to tell you three incredible stories, so probably you will be inspired by them and will believe that sports betting really can make you a millionaire.

1. Saheed Oniloyi and Olashile Ali - N8 million.

Saheed Oniloyi and Olashile Ali are lucky Bet9ja winners who won together an overall sum of 8 mln Naira) with a 400 Naira stake. The latest winners seem to be quite experienced in football betting as they were able to utilize their knowledge of football bets and forecast the outcome of some matches of the European football league and some Italian soccer league.

The winning tickets were being verified by Bet9ja and there was found no fraud. In one of the interviews, right after the prize was declared, Saheed Oniloyi said that he was praying at the moment when another person nodded to him that his betting ticket has won the prize.
“I was praying when somebody advised me that the past team on my ticket won their match. I was startled because I couldn’t believe that my fortune has adjusted. Now I am a millionaire even though I have generally been really blessed in all my endeavour”.

His friend and fellow winner of the Bet9ja prize Olashile Ali was so happy that he even couldn’t express his pleasure: “I don’t know what to say for now. I am just as well delighted and I cannot explain to it all till I sleep in excess of it. It is an excellent day in my life”.

2. A 17-year boy - N43 million

Another story is about a 17-year boy who won 43 million Naira on Bet9ja, in Benue. Advertising & Corporate Communications supervisor of Bet9ja, Tunji Meshioye once explained the way the company works: “Bet9ja is the top betting brand when it will come to creating large payback times like this to our gamers.

 You enjoy on our system, you acquire, we pay. No stories. Bet9ja’s reputation is dependent on prompt payment and our gamers know this. We don’t squander time”. Bet9ja is known to pay out winnings of up to 20 million Naira on one ticket if the stakes are proper.

The boy who won on Bet9ja has received more than 20 million Naira as he played the ticket 2 times.
 First, he actually was denied the victory by a greedy Bet9ja attendant who didn’t approve one ticket just to get 100 Naira for himself.

3. Arinze Cosmas Ezeanyanwu - N46 million

Another lucky Bet9ja winner, a young guy who was reported to win about 46 million Naira in football betting in 2017, is Arinze Cosmas Ezeanyanwu who worked as a truck pusher.
With a winning coupon code B941AQPSTTZQE-219492. 

4. Joseph Vincent Achuku

This is a young guy that won 7 million naira on bet9ja but it was so surprised that he was kidnapped and killed after collecting the money, which this was a very sad story of Vincent Achuku.

5. Samuel Odetola - N11 Million

This is a guy that have passion of winning big that's why he consentrate on bet9ja and he made research for games everyday and night.
I say a big congratulations to Samuel for his big winning on bet9ja. 

A horrible story of Bet9ja winners in 2018
One of the latest Bet9ja winners 2018 was heard to win several million Naira, the precise amount of the prize was not estimated.
According to different sources, it was between about 7 million and 11 million Naira.
A few days after he won the prize, on a Saturday morning, Joseph Vincent Achuku was murdered.

  •  His lifeless body was found in Lafia, lying on the road near the Federal University. Different sources claimed that the reason for his awful murder was money.
  • The Bet9ja winner’s life was taken by people who, according to his relatives, were trying to demand a part of the prize money in exchange for his safety and life.
  • His relatives told to the police officers who arrived at the place of murder that some individuals kept an eye on him since the time he won the Bet9ja bet.

The family claimed that the boy was attacked magically and those friends probably put some diabolical stuff into Joseph Vincent’s pocket which caused abnormal behaviour. The relatives called a Christian priest.
 He prayed for Joseph and he discovered something in his pocket that proved that he was influenced diabolically.
The morning he was murdered, it was alleged that he left his home without letting anybody know that he is going to collect his money.
Suddenly, he was found killed with several deep wounds on his body.
The person or people who attacked him took the documents necessary to get the money he won.
The investigation is still in process, and the people who murdered him have not been found yet. The body of Joseph Vincent Achuku has been under the custody of police.


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