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How to Play a Free Bet on Playfulbet and Win Big Prizes & Money

How to Join Playfulbet, Register and Login to place a free bet to win money, coins, and big prizes

Playful bet is a sports gaming platform where you place a bet on a football match or any sports games, and you get rewards for free without paying anything. The platform was launched in 2012 by a poker player called Pol Ruiz.

You can create a free account on this platform, and you get some virtual coins for free, you used the coins to *place a bet* on the platform. You can place different types of bet on this platform, ranging from baseball, basketball, football, tennis, and many more.

Every user receives coins whenever the game you predict turned out to be correct. Once you have accumulated a lot of coins, you will be rewarded with prices. You can "redeem" different prices on this platform ranging from video games, smartphones, laptops, and many more. The platform allows every user to create profiles and also mingle with people. Playfulbet has almost 10 million users worldwide. You can join playfulbet for free without paying a dime. 

  How to join playfulbet

You can access this platform, On mobile web, desktop, and they all have apps for IOS devices and Android devices. If you want to create an account just visit the official website www.playfulbet.com and you create an account within some few minutes.

There are two different options for creating an account on this platform, the first one is to "register" through your social media account like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram and your account will be created within some few minutes. While the second way is to "sign up" directly on the platform, you will click on the "sign up" button then a form will appear, you'll put your name, your email address, make sure it is Valid, and you put a username that you will remember.

Then you put your country, and you click on "I am not a robot". You might be given a captcha to sign and sometimes you won't. Don't forget to agree to the (terms and conditions).

After your account has been created, then you will he be taken to the dashboard. Once you have created your account, you will be rewarded with 4000 coins, and it will automatically reflect on your dashboard.

The 4000 coins will be your "bonus for signing up" for playfulbet. You can use the coins to place a bet. If you want to place a bet, you move to the left side of the dashboard; you select your preferable sports.
For instance, you clicked on baseball; every baseball game will appear on the platform. Pick a bet, and you press "play", and you put the number of coins you want to use in placing the bet.

Once you place the bet and you win, you will be rewarded with some coins instantly. If you're going to check the prize, you click on the left side of the platform, and you will see different prizes you can redeem on the platform, ranging from television, smartphone, video games, T-shirts and many more.
If you want to earn more Coins, you can participate in other activities like playing games, taking surveys, and also performing some daily offers. All you have to do is to click on the icon that says "earn" symbols then you will be taken to another page, and where you will see different offers, then it's left for you to choose the one you want.

If you want to earn coins by taking surveys, you'll click on surveys, and you accept the "terms and conditions". It will list out all the "surveys for the day", you can also earn coins from every member you "refer" to join the platform.

You also earn 10,000 coins for downloading the app on your device. If you are an Android user or user, download the app from your app store, just search for 'playful bet' and you install it from there. 

App store will also reward you with free 100 coins when you are logging for five good days. Your daily logins promote your level on the platform. The highest level you can reach on this platform is 30.

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