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How to Make Money Quickly As a Graphic Designer in Nigeria

How to make money quickly as a graphic designer in Nigeria 

 A graphic designer is someone that designs graphics with various software like Photoshop, CorelDraw,canva, adobe illustrator, and Many more.

 These software's are used In manipulating images. You can earn a decent amount of money in Nigeria as a graphic designer. 

 Making money with the computer is now a trend in Nigeria, and graphics designing is among the skills that brings a lot of clients. One thing you need to know about graphic designing is that you are not selling anything to anyone. What you are just doing is to use different software's to design graphics. You don't need much capital to venture into graphic designing because it only requires the knowledge you have with the software's. 

And how you can create lovely images with them. Graphics designing is all about design arts Like banners, logos charts, and other things. If you have graphic design skills, you can make a lot of money with it in Nigeria. A brand might need a logo that will stand for them and also represents them. If you have that skill, you can design one for them, and you get paid for it. You can also walk up to companies and even convince them about their logo and you tell them you can design a better one for them. 

You can also approach the ones that don't have any. You can offer them one, and you charge them for it. As a graphic designer, make sure you have lots of designs, and you put them in the gallery to advertise your business. You should also ensure that your work is known and it is also publicized. By doing this, you are attracting people that will need your service. As a graphic designer, you should have your own office where you are offering your job or you can also be a freelance graphic designer. If you are into freelancing, you will be going out to meet brand owners and company owners, and you tell them about your service. 

Make sure you know the amount to charge a client for a job. They are different graphic designing software such as canva, Photoshop, Coreldraw, adobe illustrator, Firefox, and many more. Before you become a graphic designer, make sure you have a creative mind. You need to be very skilled and know how to use the software correctly. 

They are lots of graphic design job you can offer ranging from logo, banner, animation and many more. Once you are good in graphic designing and people, know you. You can make a lot of money in Nigeria.

 How to make money as a graphic designer.

 (1).  Plan;   Before you decide to be a full-time graphic designer, make sure you create a plan first. Planning your business will determine how you are going to run your business and how it's going to grow. You will also have to choose the structure you want, it's either you set up a graphic design studio where you Will employ people that will work under you as a graphic designer or you be a freelance graphic designer. You need to decide first before you start working as graphic designer. You will also need an Area of specialIzation, Maybe you are good in e-book design or logo, book formatting. You need to have one you specialize in. But if you are good at everything, that's an additional income for you.

  (2).  Spread to the world; You need to walk up to people by telling them about your skill, most especially business owner's, companies and brands. Make sure you have samples of your work and also know how to convince them about it. You will tell them how your service can help their business grow. You can also contact public relation firms, marketing consultant, and brand management agencies. They will help you get a lot of clients.

 (3).  Set up an office; If you want to be a freelance graphic designer, it is advisable to get a small office where your job will always be done. It is also compulsory for you to have an office space if you are planning to set up a graphic design agency. after getting the office space then it's time for you to put equipment in the office, equipment like printers, computers, internet connection and many more.

4). Join online freelance platforms; If you are into freelance graphic designing, I will advise you not to depend on offline clients. You can also work online as a graphic designer, and you get a good client that will pay you in dollars. Examples of freelance platforms where you can work as a graphic designer are fiver, peopleperhour, seoclerks,and upwork

  (5). Promote your business; Once you are fully set for the job, it is time for you to promote your business. Both online and offline. If you are promoting your business offline, I will advise you to advertise your business on magazines and newspapers, but if you are promoting online you will need an official website, or you join LinkedIn, it is the best social Network for getting client online.

I think these 5 methods will teach you on how to make money  quickly as a graphic designer in this Nigeria....

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