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How to make money online with a music blog

How to make money online with a music blog.

Things are now changing in our modern days; technology is now taking over almost everything. Making money through stressful ways are fading out gradually. Right now it's possible to work with just your smartphone; bill gate said, "if you don't earn while you sleep, you will work till you die. I think it's high time to take advantage of the internet business.
If you want to apply for a job in Nigeria, Most companies employ people with qualifications, and there is no such assurance that you will get employed even if you have all the necessary requirements.

You don't need any qualification if you want to earn online.
There are lots of legal business you can do Online.
I will be talking about how you can run a music blog and you can make a very decent amount of money every month with it.

Monetizing a blog is entirely easy and there is a possibility that it will get you rich but what you need to know is this, you cant get rich overnight. It will take you some time. You can't get rich quick as a blogger; you need to be determined and focused. They are lots of bloggers that aren't making a dime. That's simply because they are not determined and focused. They want to get rich quickly.

I will be talking about the best ways to make money in Nigeria as a music blogger.

Here are the best ways to start making money as a music blogger;

(1). Create a nice blog name

If you want to venture into music blogging, I will advise you to give the blog a catchy blog name that will suit the content. for instance,  toexclussive.comtownconnect.comnaijaloaded.com.ng these blogs speak for For their niche, if you use just any name, you might not reach out to the rights audience. For instance, wolexis.come,tundeblog.com when you look at these blog names, you won't know what they are about.

(2). Choose a nice blog platform

Before you start blogging, one of the essential things to consider is the platform you want your blog to be on. Is it blogger or WordPress? One thing you need to know is that you don't go for platforms that will make you lose hope in blogging later on. If you want to be a  professional blogger, you need to be very optimistic. Just be assured that you will make it as a blogger. And also be ready to make sacrifices, if you want to be on blogger platform be ready to pay for necessary things like your domain name but if you're going to be on WordPress platform, you need to also pay for things like your hosting, domain name, and plugins. Just believe that you will be successful.

(3). Apply for Adsense and place the ads on your blog

Adsense is one of the best ways to earn as a blogger. This is how it works, you apply with your blog, and when you get approved you place their ads on your blog.  You get paid for every clicks you generate on those ads on your blog. This is one of the best ways to earn as a music blogger.

(4). Promote upcoming  artist music on your blog

Once you have started getting a tremendous amount of traffic and you have huge followers on social media, then it's time for you to promote artist songs on your blog. All you have to do is to connect with lots of artists, and you tell them about your blog.  You tell them the  amount you charge for music promotion. If you promote a song for #5000, if you promote 30 songs a month that's #150.000 isn't that a good amount?

(5). Sell music gadgets on your blog

The same way health bloggers sell health products on their blog is also the same way you can sell music gadgets on your blog like guitars, headsets, pianos, drums, speakers, and many more. You can also sell CDs on your blog also.
Earning Alone via selling can fetch you nothing less than #100.000 asides from Adsense and music promotion.

Music blogging is an excellent source of income. 

You can try these 5 methods,  I'm 100% sure that you will be  smiling to the bank Every month....

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  1. Sharpest Arena Thanks for this write up, I have learnt some very important tips on music business

    1. Thanks for your review, we'll keeps updating you about making money on music blog site.

    2. Thanks for your review, we'll keeps updating you about making money on music blog site.

    3. Thanks for your review, we'll keeps updating you about making money on music blog site.