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How to Import Goods in Nigeria Through DHL, FedEx, and U.P.S

How to import goods in Nigeria through DHL, FedEx and U.P.S. 

In this article, you will learn how to import things to Nigeria, with the use of these three courier services. DHL, FedEx, and U.P.S. These courier services are very popular in Nigeria and also reliable. They have an international business association that offers goods and services to people that want to send product and also receive products from other countries. 

You can import things from the U.S.A, China, U.K, and many more, Through these companies. You can also send goods from Nigeria to other countries through these courier service.
Importing products from other countries is a lucrative business in Nigeria.

It is the act of purchasing goods from other countries in bulk, and you resell them bit by bit in the country, you will make a lot of profits with this business.

People that import product from overseas, import them through the ocean and they load the goods in the container. And they sail them in ships.
Then the goods will go straight to the seaport in Nigeria. Business like this requires a lot of finance; it will also take some time before it arrives in the country.

Do you know that you can purchase products from other countries at an excellent rate? It is possible. But If you want to ship the goods through airplanes. You need to consult with a fast courier service like DHL, FedEx, and U.P.S.

If you're going to use these courier service for your importation. 
You need to understand that it is very expressive. But that doesn't stop you from making your profits; you can add your own earnings to the importation cost.

You have no problem by doing that, lots of Nigerians import products from other countries without bothering about the price. That's because they use this method. 

They are different things you can import in Nigeria, ranging from jewelry, shoes, clothes, bags, phone gadgets, smartphones, laptops, TVsets, refrigerator, and many more. You can import these goods through the air, but it is more expensive than importing through the sea.

If you want to import a product through the air, you will need a partner from the country you are importing from. The partner would be the one to help you forward the goods to Nigeria.
For instance, you want to import a product that's Worth's #50.000 From Amazon.
You will get it through an agent from the U.S.A, then or she will send it to you in Nigeria with the use of courier service. They was a time I imported seven smartphones that cost $200.

I imported them through FedEx, the cost for shipping a product depends on how your item is. You can purchase clothes, shoes and bags and you get them delivered in Nigeria. 

 However, if you want to ship goods out of the country, they are some document you must have that are essential.

List of documents you must have if you are exporting to another country 

 (1). Commercial invoice 

 A commercial invoice is significant. You are meant to have hold it with you, to show the transaction between you and the customer. The invoice has some description like the number of products bought and the shippers and sellers address. The invoice is a piece of evidence that the customer is the real owner of the goods.  

(2). Consular invoice

A consular invoice is meant for controlling your goods and services. It also helps you identify your products. You will always need a consular invoice for a successful business transaction. 

The invoice is mostly obtained from the countries administration where the goods are exported from.

  (3). Insurance Certificate

Insurance certificate is a type of document that indicates the cost of each insurance coverage.  

(4). Inspection certificate 

 The inspection certificate is the type of document that verifies the designation of the goods you export. This document is usually gotten from a third body.

(5). Export license

An export license is the type of document that is required from every severe exporter. It is mostly gotten from importation government association. They are the one responsible for insurance of license to every exporter.

 There are two popular companies that deal with this;

a. (NEPC) full meaning: Nigerian export promotion of council, they are responsible for issuing a license for exportation In the country. 

b. Federal Ministry of solid mineral development: They are known for providing the license for agricultural commodities.

With these guides I hope you've gain a lot on how to import in Nigeria through DHL, FedEx and U.P.S. 

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