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How to Create Free Online Videos with Wave.Video Maker & Editor


People use video online for different things, you might own a website or blog or own an e-commerce store and you sell products. You need online videos to promote your goods and services to get online audience.
Internet business owners are driving lots of traffic to their product and service with the use of online videos. One fact about online videos is that it brings more attention than picture ads.

Videos will enable your viewer's to have interest in what you promote online. But the disadvantage is that not every business owner's can create video adverts. Even if they can they won't be able to create a lot.
Www.wave.video is a type of tool that will help you crate videos without loosing any quality. Wave.video is a (website based tool for creating online videos for free). If you own a business and you want to create a video ad wave.video Is the best tool you can use and it's so simple.

Video content has a lot of benefits, it is going to help your videos get a lot of audience and they will have interest in what you promote online.

The tool helps you edit your videos and also help you design your template to your own taste. It will help you customize your video from the scratch and also give you a very good quality for free. Wave.video will help to "customize" your videos for free with a 15 seconds duration.

When you create a free video on this platform, you will he given a lovely watermark but one thing about this platform is that all the videos you created with a free account will always have the wave.video logo. But if you don't want the wave video to appear on your videos then you will have to switch to a premium account. Which is $10 per month.

 I will personally recommend a premium account because you will be able to create unlimited videos. That's the advantage about a paid account. Once you have created your account you can start creating your videos straight away. The tool is very simple and beneficial.

You can create videos on this platform in different ways, you can create an account from the scratch, you'll just click on the icon where "start button" is written, it will take you to the page where you will create the videos.

The process for creating the video is the same way, even if you want to start from the scratch by using a template.  

First step: you'll choose the video format you want. There are different formats you can select.
You just pick the one you want, If you are using a free account you get the horizontal (16:9) and Square which is (1:).
If you want to share the videos on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and then you don't have to create a long videoe length.
Just create the square and the horizontal those are the basic ones. But if you wish to go for the vertical videos then you go for the premium account. Because it's only the premium account that can do that for you.

(2) Add Pictures and Videos

If you want to add videos and pictures you want to use,what you have to do is to chose from the video selection Library but you might pay some extra fees. If you pay for it the pictures and videos will be added to the purchased items on this platform.
If you want to Start from the beginning just click on the icon that says "upload to your media files". Then you click on the button to add it to the list of projects you have on the platform.

(3) The Editing

The editing is the most difficult part on this tool. Not everyone will get this section. If you want to add pictures on this tool, make note that you will trim it and also add watermark.

  • You should also add some elements like music and Text. Once you've selected your pictures and image, you will find the "controls" at the right side on the page. You can decide that (zoom in or zoom out) on this video, you can trim it or crop it, you can change speed and also "adjust the volume" of the music.
  • If you want a part of the video to show, you'll click on trim icon by the right side of the page.
  • You will be taken to another page where you will be able to adjust the video to your own taste. Make sure you concentrate so you are not going to make mistake.
  • When you are dome you click on trim to  confirm. And you will be taken back to the page where you will edit.

You can also add another video if you wish, you will just click on add video or add image and you will be taken back to the page where you can (purchase images and pictures) and also go through the library.

(4) You publish

When you have finished creating your videos make sure you review it for at least 1 minute to know if it's perfectly compressed. And also check if it has any error. Take note of that before you publish it.

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