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How To Book A Bet | How To Place A Bet Or Rebet On Betking

2 Ways to place a bet and how to book a bet on betking.com website, including "rebet" on your "mobile" phone, laptop, or at betking shop

If you are into sports betting, I know you must have heard about betking. I want to teach you the steps on how to place and book a bet on betking. Placing a bet on betking might look simple, but not everyone knows how to place on the platform. In this content, you will learn how to place and book a bet on betking in Nigeria.

You will learn everything about betking. There are different ways of booking a game on betking. Booking a game is quite different from placing a bet, but lots of people think they are the same, But it's not.

There is a difference, and I'm going to show you the difference in this content. And how you can book and place a bet on betking. I will also explain how to "rebet".
 I know you don't know what that means but take your time to read this article.
What does booking a game mean?
Booking a game means you are forecasting a game of your selected from the official website and also generating codes from the site...Then you take to any "betking sports betting shop" or center around you.
Notes: You don't need to "login" to your account if you want to book a bet on betking site.
It's so simple, and anyone can do it.

You book the games online, and you take it to any "betking shop" around you. The 'betking agent' will help you "place the bet", all that you will do is to pay the agent the amount you want to bet with, and if you win, you will go to the "betking shop" where you placed the game, to collect the money you win on betking through that "Admin shop".

How do you book a Bet (game) on Betking?

You will visit betking website 
m.betking.com it's not a must you logging to your account. Choose your desired "sport" from the site by the left side of the dashboard.
 For instance, you want to 'place a football betting game', you'll select the tournament and click on "proceed". Pick the market you want to play by "clicking" on them one by one.
The selection will be added to your "betting slip" automatically, by the "right side of the dashboard". Put the amount you wish to stake, and you click "Book A Bet". A code will be Generated, that will be your "booking code".
The code will be in alphanumeric combination. You can decide to use the code when you want to go and place your bet.

How to place a bet on Betking

If you want to place a bet on betking, you will have to "create an account", that means all the activities will be inside your betking account. You don't need to go to any betking store to place your bet. First thing you need to do is to create an account, and you "fund" it.

You are logging with your "username and password". Select your desired sport from the dashboard by the "left side", and you select the tournament, and you click on proceed.

Then you "choose the markets" you want to play, and you pick the "odds" by clicking on them one by one. Your selection will be added to the betting by the right side of the dashboard.

Then you put the amount you want to stake, and you click on "proceed", you will get a confirmation code that will pop up on your screen. Then you click on "confirm".
You will got a message that your bet has successfully been placed. The amount you used for the betting will be deducted from your "betking account". 

How to rebet on Betking

Rebetting is when you remove the games that are likely to loose from your list or the ones you don't want again.

Methods for rebetting.

(1) From the list

You'll log in to your account, and you click on where "my account" is written. By the right side of the corner...Then you will put the code you want to rebet, or you choose from the list. You click on "rebet button" by the side of your listing, and you place your bet the usual way. It's straight forward.

(2) Book or Place Bet by Betking Coupon Code

Login to your account and you load the coupon you would like to rebet on — by tying the code in the "coupon bar". If you don't know what coupon is, it is the alphabetical number given to you. It is usually below the betting slip. Just click on the "button." at the right side writes rebet...Then your game will be reloaded with another selection.
You can remove it or add more games, or you delete the ones you don't want, and you select the stake you wish to bet, then you click on the icon where "proceed" is written on.

That's how to bet on betking. So its time for you to start placing your bet and also booking your games on betking. If you have any question on betking, you can do that through the comment section below.

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