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5 Hidden Secrets And Ways to Make Money with WhatsApp Account

How to Make Money on WhatsApp in 2019, WhatApp Group, Status, and Broadcast. WhatsApp Money Making Ways, Secrets and Tips

People use WhatsApp for communicating, meeting new people, and uploading pictures on status. But not everyone knows it is possible to make money on WhatsApp.
If you go through these steps, you will have to take action if you are interested. I will be talking about how you can make some decent amount of money every month, daily or weekly with your WhatsApp account.
Depending on the type of business you run. WhatsApp is a smartphone application that is owned by Google, although facebook bought the app from the developer some years back. But the developer of facebook had made Whatsapp more advanced and new features are always coming up almost every year. 
And one other thing you need to know is this, WhatsApp is becoming more engaged than every other social media including Facebook.

I have some friends that barely comes online on facebook, but they are always active on Whatsapp. Whatsapp is a perfect application for making money online, but don't get me wrong, you are not going to make money directly on WhatsApp, but they are some techniques on how to make money with your WhatsApp account.
What you need to do is to create a business account and join lots of WhatsApp groups.

You will always need peoples attention in any business you run, the best way to expand your business both online and offline is by having a massive contact list.

  5 Ways for making money on WhatsApp

(1) Link shortening

Link shortening is one of the most natural way and accessible way of making money on your WhatsApp account. You send links to your WhatsApp contacts, and you get paid for any click you generate. Before people started making money online, link shortening used to be the only ways for making money online. People have sent various links to you several times, and when you click on it, they get paid without you knowing anything about it. You can try this method with your WhatsApp account.
They are lots of companies that pay you for link shortening, but some are fake, you have to be very careful. But you can try adf, ouo and links pay.
They are the platforms I have experienced.
 They are genuine, you can also make research on them.

(2) Sell your products and render services on WhatsApp

If you have products, you want to sell, or you have skills like graphics designing, website designing, writing, phone or laptop repairs.
You can get your client on WhatsApp, and you will be the one in control why because you are not promoting anything, neither are you sharing any affiliate link on WhatsApp.
All you just need to do is to join lots of WhatsApp groups and create your business card and send it to all your WhatsApp contacts list. And you state the amount of discount you will offer to them. Make sure the people you are advertising your products and services to are interested in it.

(3) Affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is another method for making money on WhatsApp. Affiliate marketing can fetch you a decent amount of money if you have a vast contact list, and you belong to lots of WhatsApp groups most especially when you belong to a group that focuses on a specific topic, for instance, body sprays. You can promote your affiliate link about body sprays, and you convince them about the body spray you advertise.

(4) Promote your blog links on WhatsApp

Whatsapp can drive a lot of traffic to your blog, I promote my blog link on WhatsApp and I get nothing less than 3k page views a day. You need to join a lot of groups, and you publish valuable content in other for them to always click whenever you post on the groups. You will get a lot of traffic if you can promote on 200 groups a day.

(5) Be a WhatsApp marketer

They business owners and brands that pay individuals to help them promote on WhatsApp. If you would like to do this, make sure you belong to lots of WhatsApp groups that have a lot of members.
Then you promote your skill on social media or forums or even freelance platforms like Fiverr and Upwork.

Just state that you are going to help them reach out to some hundreds of customers and also make sure you include your contact details. You will get someone to contact you and also hire you for the service. But don't forget to be consistency when it comes to promoting your skill online because you are not going to get a client instantly.

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