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5 Best Android Apps to Get Quick Loan in Nigeria Without Collateral

Best Android, iPhone, iOS, Apps For Cash Lending And To Get Quick & Instant Loans In Nigeria Without Collateral

Do you want Loans Application to download in Nigeria that will lend you money without collateral and gives you calculator to know when you will refund the money you borrow.
If you are an individual or a business owner, there will be a time that you will need money urgently. You might be on a lookout for a quick loan. You might need the money for your personal needs or your business. Some years back, it was challenging to get access to emergency loan agencies in Nigeria, but now that technology is improving we have lots of Android loan apps.

You can get a loan from these apps without collateral, all you have to do is to download them on your smartphone, and you will be able to get a loan from them without any paperwork.
How do they work?
You download them from your play store, ones it's installed you open it, and you create an account. Make sure you put your real details and your actual document, after that they are going to credit your score.

 Once you apply for a loan and it gets approved, you are going to receive the money straight to your bank account. But note that you are going to pay back the loan before the due date or on the due date.
You don't need collateral before you get a loan and that's one of the advantages of these loan apps. These apps are very beneficial when it comes to emergency loans. What you need is it to open the app on your phone. And you apply for a loan on the app.

Most of these apps work 24/7, and you will get the loan within 24hours. You don't need any paperwork or collateral before you get a loan on these apps. They are accommodating most, especially when you need an emergency loan.
These are the apps below.

(1) Fairmoney

Farmoney is one of the "best loan apps" we have in Nigeria; they can give you a  loan up to #100,000 Within some few minutes. They are speedy and reliable; it is also one of the best loan apps we have in the country. Just go to your Google Play store, and you search for fairmoney and Install it on your smartphone. After you install the app on your smartphone, then you create an account with your email address or you sign up with your phone number.

(2) Branch

Branch is also a "good loan app" we have in the country, branch can give you a loan up to #200,000 without collateral or paperwork, you will be credited straight to your bank account after requesting for a loan. What you have to do is it to install the branch app on your phone. And you create an account. Then you apply for a loan. You will get your credit on this app without occurring any problem. It is effortless; you will be asked to pay back the loan within a month or a year. The interest is not that much; it ranges from 15% to 3%. Branch is very okay. Just search for branch on play store and install it on your smartphone.

(3) Carbon

Before it was known as paylater but later on it was changed to carbon. The apps is one of the best loan apps we have in Nigeria, it is effortless, and you are going to try your loan without any delay. Carbon can give you a credit of one million naira without any collateral or paperwork or even guarantor. The app is very beneficial. What you have to do is to create an account, and you put your real details on it. Then you apply for a loan, you will get the loan within 20 minutes or less than because the app is speedy and reliable. Their interest rate ranges from 5% to 15%, it all depends on the amount you requested for and the time you paid back.

(4) Palmcredit

Palmcredit is also an excellent loan app in Nigeria; you can get a loan of #200,000 on the app. It's a well-known app, straight forward and has no complication. You will get approved within 3 to 5  minutes. What you need is to install the app on your phone. And after the installation, you create an account, and you apply for a loan. The interest rate ranges from 14% to 25% depending on the amount you requested.


KIA is a website based loan platform, is a Nigerian you will be eligible to apply for a loan, and you get it instantly without collateral or paperwork. You will be asked some few questions, after your response, you will get approved. They are different ways of getting a loan on this site; you can also chat with the KIAKIA chatbot. You can use and Android devices, IOS bad windows to access the website or to talk with their chatbot.

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