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3 Ways to Make Money Fast on Jumia and Konga Online Marketplace

3 ways for making money fast on jumia and konga.  

Jumia and konga are the two Jumia  stores we have in Nigeria, where you can buy various things. People purchase a lot of stuff every day. On these two websites. They have lots of warehouse in Nigeria and lots of delivery agent. These websites don't have a physical online store like spar,justrite, and shoprite. But they make a lot of money in Nigeria; they have a massive amount of customers How do they earn? They make money the same way retailers make money, they buy goods on wholesale prices, and they sell them to buyers. But the two companies has similar system of selling their product. They don't have a physical store. They only have a website where their goods are being displayed, and they have warehouses in different states, they also have a delivery agent that will deliver products to you on your doorstep. Jumia and konga accept payments in 2 different system, its either you pay in advance, or you pay after you've gotten your items In your House. Lots of Nigerians like the way the company operates. They are very genuine and reliable. They sell original products. They never sell fake to people. Lots of people think Jumia and konga are meant for shopping alone, not knowing that the two online stores can serve as a source of income. 

 Do you know these two sites can fetch you 6 Figures if you work hard and you focus on it? You can make up to 300K to 600K Every month, but how do you achieve that?

 I will advise you to read this article to the end for better understanding on how to earn on jumia and konga. 

 These are the 3 best ways for earning on Jumia and Konga. If you can follow this process, you will just be smiling to the bank every month.

 (1) Selling your product on the site:  I guess everyone knows what mini importation is, but do you know you can make Millions every month by selling your product on Jumia and konga? Let me tell you how it works, you import product from countries like the UK or USA at a shallow cost, and you sell them at a higher price in Nigeria. You create a jumia and konga seller account, and you sell your product on it. You don't need to pay before you sell on Jumia and konga. You don't need to run adverts also, but if you wish to, the choice is yours. 

 (2) Jumia and konga affiliate marketing:  You can make a lot of money on jumia and Konga through their affiliate programs. That's another lucrative way of earning through these two platforms how do you do that? All you have to do is to promote jumia and konga products with a link given to you. But before you get this link, you will have to register on this site as an affiliate. You will get almost %11 commission for every product you sell. You can also sell a product on jumia and Konga while you are already an affiliate marketer. That's additional income for you. If you want to make money as an affiliate marketer, you will need to have a blog and a social media account With huge followers, and you post on them regularly. You can also have an online store, and you promote Jumia Product on it. You just add pictures of the product in your online store, and you put your affiliate link on it. Once anyone clicks On it, they will be redirected to jumia and Kong's page. 

 (3)  Reselling of product; This is another method of earning on Jumia and Konga but its an old school method. I once tried this method, and I made a decent amount for it. I bought a smartphone from jumia for #50.000, and I sold it for #70.000 , and I made #20.000 profits. Isn't that a good deal? You can decide to sell the products. Back to people that sell product jumia and Konga market place or you sell them directly to people that need them. What I'm talking about is buying the product at a low cost, and you sell them at a very high amount to make profits. The best time to partake in this deal is during the Christmas period. Jumia organizes a promo just like black Friday and yakata on Konga. The price of most products goes down. 

This is the best time to buy goods from the store. As a marketer, you can take advantage of this opportunity by purchasing lots of products from the two platforms, and you resell them at a very high price.

I guess with these 3 methods, you can easily make money on Jumia and Konga online marketplace just try it out...

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