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20 easy ways to make money with your phones in 2019/2020

20 easy ways to make money with your phones.

How much time per day do you spend looking at your phone? Wouldn't it be nice of you could learn how to make money on your phone and get paid for the time you spend using it? 

I have done a little bit of digging to find some cool apps that fetch you money.

Here’s my favorite: Make $50 just by downloading an app.

Sign up and install the Nielsen app on your phone. You can get paid $50 every year you have their app installed on PLUS get entered to win cash prizes every month!

How to make Money on your phone: 20 Different ideas to Try Out.

Get paid for surfing the Web.

1. Swagbucks  - An absolute Must join.
Get $5.00 simply for signing up!.

This site offers a smartphone app
 that enables you to earn Swangbucks (SB) for watching videos, answering surveys, and completing merchant offers.

You can also sulf the web using the Swangbucks toolbar and win additional SB. Once you have at least 300 SB, you can trade them in for Paypal payouts (or gift cards if you prefer).

Get paid $50 download an app

2. Nielsen – Make easy money FAST
You have likely heard of Nielsen in the past. You know when you hear of a TV show being cancelled or renewed for a new season due to ratings?
Well, Nielsen is the company that assigns the ratings to TV shows.
They do this by tracking what their users watch. The more people watching a show, the better the chances are at renewal. If no one is watching, it gets canned.
They are expanding into new areas and want to know how people are using their phones.
As a thank you for helping them out, you will get paid $50 just to download their app.

It's non- invasive and how you use your phone will help shape a lot of trends in pop culture.

Pretty cool, yeah?

3. Ibotta: Get $10 FREE when you sign up!
This was one of the first rebate apps on the market and offers cash back on grocery, apparel, electronics, restaurant, pet, etc. purchases.
The rebate amounts are fairly high (as much as $1.50) and work across a number of stores.
Many qualifying rebates are brand-independent (e.g., $0.50 off any orange juice), while others require that you purchase a given brand at a certain store.

4. Fronto- 
With this app, you can view news, product deals and other offers and earn points. Once you have accumulated enough points, you can redeem them for Paypal cash, coupons or gift cards.

Get paid for mystery shopping.

5. Field Agent.
This microjob app has you earning money by completing tasks such as checking store displays, taking photos of grocery shelves, finding specific store products, and going through checkout. The assigned microjobs must be completed in a given amount of hours. Payouts are made by Paypal.

6. GigWalk.
GigWalk is a mobile app that offers you paid tasks while you are on-the-go. These tasks are geo-focused on your specific location and might include checking a street sign, verifying a transportation option or examining a landmark. After you apply for an assignment and complete it, your payment is sent to your Paypal account. Once you prove your worth as a Gigwalker, you’ll be sent higher paying (e.g., $100) assignments.

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