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List of Best Free VPN to Hide IP Address and Location (Download)

2019 List of Best VPN for hiding your IP Address and Location Free Online with Fast Connection on all Devices

VPN has become a trend for most internet users. You can go to your app store and download a VPN. Downloading a VPN helps your device have more security layer. It helps you do various things that you really can't do on "norms" on your device. For instance, watching online Tv and having access to Foreign Sites.

It allows you to handle websites that have blocked their Geo. VPN has a lot of advantage. In this article, you will discover the (best free VPN you can download) on your phone.
I have tested all of them and accessed their ability. They are okay and very much reliable. You can use them to "access to different foreign sites", and you are very safe.

Here are the best VPN to install on your device

(1) Express VPN

I have tested a lot of VPN, both free and paid, but the one I will "recommend" the most is express VPN. And that is why I made it number 1. If you go for the paid version, you will have the opportunity to use about 100 countries location, and their "speed" is very okay.
Express VPN is not "free", but if you are using it, you will have the opportunity to use it for "free" for a month before you go for the 'paid' version.
After using the VPN for free and you are satisfied, you can decide to go for the "premium version" but no money back if you aren't OK with it.

(2) Hotspot Shield

I love hot-spot protection; it's free and has a well-balanced server. You can also use it on five different devices at the same time with just one account. It has an open data usage compared to others; I have used this (VPN on a survey company) in the US.
The survey company doesn't Allow people from other countries have access to it, but hot-spot VPN allowed me to use the site, and the result was excellent.
You can use the 'VPN on laptop, iPads, and Mac'. Just give it a try.

(3) Tunnel Bear

  • Tunnel bear is delightful and easy to use. Just install it on your device, put it on, and choose the location you want to use.
  • After that, your traffic will get rerouted through the nod.
  • Tunnel bear is free; you don't have to pay before you use it.
  • Just go to your phone's apps store or google play store and install the app on your device. "Tunnel bear" will help you hide any IP address without any stress. This "VPN" is very safe and reliable.
  • You can give it a try and thank Me later. I have used it to watch sports on online TV, and the result was okay.


Windscribe is a good VPN. It has a free and paid version.
The free version has just a few countries, but the VPN is fantastic.
Even if you're using A "free version", you will still gain access to the location you go for.
It has a well-balanced server just like the paid version, but the paid version has more advantage.
Because you will have the opportunity to work on lots of locations compared to the 'free version'.
The windscribe app is available on Google play store you can use it on iPhone, laptops, Android, and windows.

(5) USA VPN Master

USA VPN master is very okay but only has Locations from the USA. I have once used it to work on 2 paying App. "Bounty" and a specific survey site and I cashed out victorious on the two platforms. A developer of this app Never knew that someone from Nigeria is using Their platform. They believe their geo is closed. Can you see the power of a VPN? "USA VPN master" is very okay if you want US locations. (It has a free and paid version). Just go for the one you prefer. The USA "VPN master App" is available on Google play store.

My conclusion

Please don't try using this (VPN for self clicking) on AdMob or Adsense. It is a significant risk; you can't "trick Google", you will get banned or penalized. Know some bloggers are fond of self clicking with the use of vpn.. but don't try it if you want your Adsense safe.

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