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Business Development vs Sales (Activities, Process, Difference)


Are you wondering what we at sharpestarena are up to again? You should be, anyways, we are only dedicated to making you attain the very peak of success in all your endeavors.
Getting to our topic for today, we are going to take you through "Business Development Vs. Sales" are these two different things entirely?
I mean are they world apart? Or are they the same thing? Or should we say they are similar? Well, we are going to find out all of that right in this article.

Now you may be asking yourself how would this be of help to your business or how does this brings in money into your pocket? Should we be frank with you?
 This article would be of great use to you and your business if only you can settle down and decode the techniques of business developments and sales.

We are not indirectly saying this article won't be explanatory enough, infarct; we are going to make it as simple as it can get just for you to understand.

  • People mistake these two terms for each other at times, for the fact that you are having great sales in your business doesn't simply mean your business is growing or developing.
  • In other words, sales doesn't determine the development of a business, it only contributes. 
  • However, the two is an important factor in the business cycle, you cant focus on one and neglect the other. Before you think am getting you confused already, lets take you on a journey that explains the both aspects one after the other and both at a time.


Staring off things right here with the sales aspect, what do you make of sales? Or let me rather say what are sales? Of course, sales can be defined in various aspects of which all heads towards the same direction of selling one thing or the other.

If you actually defined sales as the above you are absolutely right, but here is what we derive of the term sales; sales is referred to as the short term need to close a sale, in other words (get an agreement signed in order to carryout the transaction). 
Mind you, it is a transaction, because it can either be in exchange for money, services or goods, therefore an agreement would be reached to continue the transaction.

"Sales strategies" are ultimately based or focused on what really needs to be done to seal a deal which appears to be crucial to any business.

Lets take for instance, if you have got customers knocking at your door but you are unable to get them to buy a product, which entirely means there is a problem with the "strategic plans" of your sale.

You don't understand? Here is what I mean, as regards the statement made earlier on, your sale may not necessarily determine the "development of your business" and it can at the same time determine the development of your business.
In this case, your sales strategy isn't good enough to get buyers to buy your products, I would like you to note that you have people knocking at your door because you have done exceedingly well in the aspect of developing your business to a extent whereby people now demand for your products.

Anyways, let’s focus on just sales for now and we would get you the (difference and similarities) of the two later on after we have discussed both.

The strategic plans of sales are based on the individual buyer as well as what needs to be done for them to have their wallets out to purchase the products or click on the buy button if you appear to carryout your transactions online.

Companies naturally set "strategies" or map out set "plans" for sales volume target for probably (a period of weeks, months or years) which must be met by the individual responsible for selling to make up with the targets.

If you still can't comprehend, just hold on a bit, we only just described how sales works and nothing more, I bet you would understand this strategies and thank us later.

Business Development

Business development actually has to do with the process of identifying as well as executing agreements with prospective new customers.
I hope you get the difference from this definition? It was stated earlier that sales as to do with reaching an agreement with someone to sell whatever you want to sell, but "business development" takes another turn.

*Forging ahead, business development is also associated with partnership with other companies for better delivery of products to customers or the securing process of preferential supplier arrangements.
*However, business development is based and focused on new business as well as opportunities as contrasting to managing associations with customers you are selling to already, in other words; business development is all about new opportunities to explore and develop in terms of new customers and new measures of attaining partnership with others to deliver properly to new customers.

More also, business development is considered (the first point of contact as well as relationships) of which after that, the customers are handed off to the other aspect of marketing and selling as their responsibility.

Lets take for instance, when the stereo-typical image of an executive involved with "marketing schmoozing" with customers and at the same time winning over buyers, this process is referred to as "business development" which has been carried out by a business development executive working on new relationships.

Business development is also often associated with a great deal of "social interactions" and working with new people who are deemed as clients or customers to win them over to the company.

Business Development vs. Sales

After getting the adequate knowledge required for both sides, lets move ahead to discussing them both. It is deemed important for a "business tycoon" like you or someone who wants to venture into business to have a proper knowledge of this as it would help grow your business and also help you achieve success in a lesser time.

Business development and sales are considered to be both important when it comes to the (overall selling cycle) of which each deserves a proper and adequate attention when it comes to getting the right strategic plans.

Business development can be considered crucial as well as important when it comes to winning over newly targeted customers which are deemed big for the company, and to an extent, selling products to them is a process involved.

Meanwhile, based on existing customers, it is considered important to ensure that proper planning and sales management is given adequate attention in the business.

If you are going to ignore either aspects of the "selling cycle", you should expect to miss out on opportunities or not (capitalizing on the opportunities) that present themselves to you.

Now, that you have gained a proper knowledge of the two. I presume you now know why we state that sales may not necessarily determine your success in business and at the same time it also contributes to the success of a business, therefore, you cant do without the two.

  • If you are aimed at achieving success in your business, you should get the right individuals to get the job done for you.
  • When it comes to the aspect of people knocking at your door for sales and they are still unable to buy as stated earlier is a problem from the sales management, you shouldn't blame the individuals in the business development aspect for not getting enough sales.
  • It simply means the sales executive have not been able to perform their tasks accordingly as it is the duty of the (business development department) to only get the clients knocking at the door of the company and the sales department open up the door and delivers the goods.

Never mistake the two for each other, this simply means they are different from each other from the explanations made about the two, although, they have their similarities as they both deal with clients, nevertheless, they are still deemed different and should be handled correctly.

Let the job be distributed accordingly if you want the very best out of your company.

Conclusion on Business Development vs. Sales

After much explanation about sales and business development, I presume you have been able to decode the message we have been trying to pass across, we merely passed a simple message across to everyone that wishes to attain greater heights in business and nothing more.
With this, I also know you have been able to realize the importance of this article, at first it may sound a bit weird, but I hope I have been able to answer all your questions as regards this topic.

Most especially, question stating that how does this earn you money, this would earn you enough money if you are able to get the right task carried out and the proper plan mapped out as regards business development and sales.

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