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7 Legit Ways to Make Money Online Faster on Nairaland Forum

How to make money on Nairaland, 7 Fastest and Easiest Ways for Nairaland Users to Make Money Online in Nigeria

Are you familiar with the internet and you are looking for some ways to make some money online? Why not consider "making money with nairaland". It's is possible to make some bucks monthly with the use of nairaland.
I have just drafted down some techniques on how you can make money on the platform.
Nairaland is one of the best internet forum we have in Nigeria.

It's is very popular in Nigeria and other African countries also.
Lots of people discuss various things and even interact with people on the site.

Nairaland was founded in 2005 by a young Nigerian guy named "Seun Osewa". 
It has about '2 million members', and it was also reviewed that nairaland is among the 1000 most visited websites on Alexa.

You can make some substantial amount every month asides from interacting with people Alone. There are different ways one can make money on the Nairaland Forum.

You can earn a lot on nairaland because the site gets a lot of traffic every day.
People Post different kinds of stuff on nairaland, and each post gets a lot of views.
These are the best method for earning on nairaland forum.

(1) Blog Promoting

This is one of the most popular ways. People make money with nairaland. If you own a blog and your blog has an "Ad network" like Adsense on it or Affiliate links.
You can also make some money on your blog by driving a lot of traffic to it with the use of nairaland.
The best strategy to do this is by posting interesting articles on your blog and share them on nairaland then you add the link. You will get massive traffic on your blog.

(2) YouTube Videos

If you have a YouTube channel and you have Adsense on it, the best way to go viral is by sharing the video links on nairaland, and you will get tons of views on your videos, you can also tell nairaland members to subscribe to your channel. You have to upload valuable and exciting video's so your visitors will keep coming to your channel to know if you have new videos.
If they really enjoy your videos, they will subscribe to it so they will get notifications whenever you have new videos.

(3) Photography

If you are into photography and you snap lovely pictures. Nairaland could be the best place where you can get your clients. Nairaland has a lot of members that are always looking for various things. You can be lucky enough to get your client on nairaland.

(4) Selling of e-books

If you have valuable contents that will inspire a lot of people and also give them knowledge. You can decide to market them on nairaland, and you will make huge sales.
Most especially when you're targeting the Nigerian audience. Because almost half Of the Nigerians make use of nairaland.

(5) Freelance Writing

If you can write excellent contents, you can get the right clients on nairaland. You can offer writing service on nairaland.
They are lots of bloggers on nairand that needs content writers, and they are ready to pay for the service.
Some might pay you instantly while some will pay you some percentage of what they earn on their blog. You need to send them samples in other for them to hire you for a writing service.

(6) Web Designing

Lots of business owners and professionals are creating websites for their business and their brands so they can have more awareness.
You can decide to design the website for people, and you charge them for it. What you have to do is to show them samples of previous websites you have created, and if your designs are wonderful, they can hire you. 
Also do some promo's, this will attract a lot of customers. You know, People love cheap things. Most especially here in Nigeria.

(7) Graphics Designing

People need graphics designing for various things, either for church programs, fliers, business cards, logo for their brands.
You can get the right clients on nairaland if you advertise well.
Post screenshot of previous jobs and also add a good summary of your task. You will meet people that need your service.

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