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7 Best Ways to Make Money with LinkedIn (Earn Fast Secrets)

How to make money on LinkedIn, Tips and Secrets to Earn Money Faster on LinkedIn Groups, As Influencers, Affiliate, and Your Profile 2019

LinkedIn Is among the best social networks for businessmen and women or professionals. So definitely LinkedIn Could be an avenue for making some money online.
You can make money on LinkedIn in different ways; it can also be an excellent tool for building your mailing list. They are various ways of earning some money with your LinkedIn account, for instance selling your product, offering services, promoting your affiliate links, you can also get hired for a job on LinkedIn because LinkedIn has a lot of influential people.

You need to be very active in other for you to achieve what you want on the platform. In this new post, you are going to learn how to make some  money with LinkedIn.

Here are The tips for making money with LinkedIn.

(1) Create LinkedIn groups and post enticing things on it

Creating a LinkedIn group helps a lot. You can send new members on your group an email by using a welcome template.
You have to do that at least once in a week then you promote some "free give away contents" in your group, by doing this you are building your mailing list.
If you are unable to convert members of your group to your mailing list, then you paste it as an announcement every week make sure you include your white papers, E-books, and Reports. 
This will help you make a lot of sales in your group and also help your business grow.

(2) Sell Information Products

If you have information products that belong to you, LinkedIn is a great place to market it. Just give this a try, and you will see good results. You will get a lot of traffic from your "sales" page, and your sales funnel.

(3) Grow your email list with LinkedIn

You can build your mailing list by promoting things people are interested in, what you need to do is to join lots of LinkedIn groups and make sure the members are very active, if you don't join a dynamic group, you won't make the expected sales, and you might also get frustrated. 
Active LinkedIn groups helps a lot in terms of getting more "subscribers" in your email list. You can also invite other members of other "LinkedIn group to join" your group too. You have to market what people need so you will make a lot of sales.

(4) Create Free Contents and Advertise it on LinkedIn.

Giving out what people are always in need of has a lot of advantage. It can help you expand your business, and you will get a lot of 'referrals'.
For instance, you share a "free video e-books, reports, and white papers on LinkedIn". 
You will get some potential customers to your LinkedIn sales funnel. Just promote your link on your pages and also share it on your group, the one you own and the ones you don't own.
Make sure you invite people to your "webinar", after promoting the free content then you can attach a "sales pitch" at the end. This is one of the best ways to make a lot of sales on LinkedIn.

(5) Make your LinkedIn Profile Visible to People who need your Service

What I mean is, adding your profession to your profile, for instance, content writer, website designer, graphics designer, photographer, event planner, and many more.

  • Just add them to your (headline). This will enable you to meet the right people. 
  • Add a small summary of your situation and the previous ones you've done.
  • In other, for you to get picked whenever they search for your keyword.
  • This method will allow you to get a lot of opportunities. You might even get an endorsement.

(6) Promote your Affiliate Products on LinkedIn

If you are into affiliate marketing, you can make a lot of sales by using LinkedIn to promote your products.
LinkedIn is the (best place for advertising your affiliate links). Just make sure your affiliate marketing could be a great answer to an essential question on LinkedIn groups you advertise on.

(7) Offer Discounts on LinkedIn

Everyone loves to have some extra money on them. You can create a specific discount code for every new product then you share it on the groups you join and the ones you own. Make sure you promote the "affiliate" with a summary and make sure the contents are convincing enough.
If you practice all these, you will make a lot of "sales" within a short period on LinkedIn.

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