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6 Secrets to Make Money Online in Nigeria without Spending Kobo

How to Make Money in Nigeria without Spending or Paying a Dime, Fast, Easy and Quick in 2019 - The best Way

Lots of Nigerians are currently unemployed. Not because they chose to be but due to the economy scrabbles of the country. That's the main reason why some people don't have jobs.
Leaving without a job in Nigeria is a huge frustration, most notably now that prices of things have gone very high.
They are lots of things you can do in Nigeria that will fetch you a decent amount, but because of lack of capital, that's why it's not possible. But what most people don't know is that there are some things you can venture into in Nigeria that won't cost you much or you might not spend a dime.
They sometimes pay well than those that work in a company.

These are the list of what you can do in Nigeria to earn a living without spending kobo.

(1) Fitness Instructor and Coach

People do have a flat belly, six packs, and a toned body.
While some don't have and they need it.
You can make money with this skill, The internet has made things easier for people.
You can go online to learn it and offer the service to people.
So many people need a mentor, but they don't know the right place to go and not everyone is familiar with the net.
Some are familiar with the "internet", but they lack understanding. But if you are an intelligent type you can take advantage of this and make some money.

(2) Private Tutor

It's not only school student you can tutor alone, they are some people that don't have a proper education, but they feel so shy to go to an adult school.
You can walk up to people that needs a tutor, and you can be their private teacher. Or better still, you can run a small lesson tutorial where you will teach school students after school, or you "teach students that are preparing for jamb and waec". You can also be a (home lesson teacher), and you will make your money, this is an excellent skill. What you have to do is to go for a "subject" you are good in and make sure you handle it well.

(3) Phone or Computer Repairer

In today's technology world, almost everyone has a laptop.
If you don't have a laptop, you will have a phone, But not everyone can repair it if it gets spoilt. This is an (avenue for earning some money) if you have this great skill. Some people don't know how to handle their devices with care. People repair their phones everyday.
If you have this skill, all you have to do is to get the tools and advertise your self well, you don't have to own a shop before You can do this. With the help of banners and signboards, you can get the right clients. Just exhibit it one place where people will easily see it.

(4) Blogging

  • Blogging is becoming lucrative In Nigeria. Ever since Linda ikeji broke a record by buying her house that "worth 500million naira".
  • Since then people have been creating their blog they have been earning a leaving from it.
  • All you need is to publish engaging content people will love and apply for Adsense; you will make some decent amount if you get good traffic.
  • I know some guys that make nothing less than "$1000 a month". It takes you nothing to start a blog in Nigeria.

(5) Content Writing

These days it easy to write content and get paid, you can write contents for bloggers and get paid for it.
Lots of bloggers are always on a lookout for content writers. You can also join freelance platforms like (Fiverr and Upwork), and you write for people and get paid via PayPal.

(6) Event Planning

If you are unemployed and you know a lot of people. Event planning could be a great source of income for you. People organize an event every weekend.
You can make some decent amount if you advertise your self well. You can get "Clients online" also.
Just make sure you upload a screenshot of previous events that will entice people.

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