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5 Tips to Get Free Gift Cards - Codes Online (iTunes, Amazon)

How to Earn Free iTunes and Amazon Gift Cards Online Instantly (Codes, Win, Companies, and Cracking) Process 

Some people work online for hours and get paid in Giftcards. Some sell products and receive payments in gift card. A gift card is a digital money; it has been trending for some time now. This is the method people use in receiving payments from foreign countries without any stress.

You can use Gift cards to buy varieties of of products online ranging from smartphones, fashion, laptops, mac, and many more. In this blog post. You are going to learn how to receive free Giftcards from the USA.

If you are looking for how to get free Giftcards, you have just stumbled upon the right article for that. They're some Android apps that are Claims they give out "Free Gift cards", but majority of them are not real, I will be disclosing to you below.

Legit Ways for Receiving Free Gift Cards from USA - United States, Flipkart, Xbox, Companies, Playstore and Others

(1) Online Rewarding Programs

You can participate in an online rewarding program, and you receive iTunes and Amazon Giftcards. This is one of the "best ways to earn Giftcards from the USA".
Before you do this, you will need a (smartphone and internet connection), and you also have to be active online.

Then you create an account, after that, you will get offers from an online rewarding program, and you get 'paid in iTunes and Amazon Giftcards'. But what you need to know is that you will get a lot of (email and spams).

They are a different task you can perform online rewarding program, It ranges from (surveys to sharing Post on social media), and you will be given some points that you can redeem for iTunes and Amazon Giftcards.

(2) Get paid in Amazon and iTunes gift cards for using social media

You can get paid in Gift cards to use social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
All you have to do is to follow these Giftcards company, but you have to know the specific company that gives you Free Giftcards for any subscription, for instance, following them on social media like Facebook and Twitter or Instagram.
You can also get paid in iTunes for also sharing their post or liking their job.
Just search for bargains, deal Hunter's and Giftcards on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

(3) iTunes Rewards

iTunes reward is one of the best ways of receiving gift cards online. It's a well-known website that specializes in giving out free iTunes Giftcards If you compete some "task online" or you "test apps" online. It's a (GPT) meaning get paid to.
This site, you will earn points that will be converted to Giftcards, and the minimum amount to cash out is $1000 dollar.
*The site allows you to cash out $10 iTunes card and Amazon*.
What you need is (smartphone and internet Connection), and you have to be very active online so that you can get "offers" from this site.

(4) Promote product's and get paid in Amazon and Giftcards

You can earn free Gift cards for helping companies promote their products.

  • This is another "genuine way" of getting Gift cards; all you have to do is to look for companies that need people to subscribe to their newsletter and also share their product on social media.
  • You will get paid on iTunes and gift cards for doing this but you need to be very careful some of these companies are not reliable.
  • Just be observant. 
  • Also, make an "in-depth research" on the platform with this type of offer but don't ever share your personal information on these platforms, like your Address, account details and DOB  and many more. It might need to temptation.

(5) Free Gift Cards through Cracking 

If you wants to learn how to get "$100 - $200 Free Gift Cards every week", you need to join our "WhatsApp Group Discussion Forum" because the tutorial can't be posted here online.

You can get free gift cards through cracking codes, mining process, hacking gift cards, redeem gift cards, gift cards offers, gift cards bonus, gift cards exchange, gift cards trading, gift cards buying & selling, gift cards coding, gift cards converter, gift cards programming, with many other "tips and tricks to get free gift cards online".

My conclusion

Don't fall for the wrong website that claims to give out Gift cards as rewards for performing any task. There are lots of scam website on the internet, some might be real, and some might be fake.
All you have to do is to check Google for reviews before you attempt to work on them.

 Pls also share the ones you know In the comment section, I will appreciate it.

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