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WhatsApp Tricks: How to Unblock Yourself if someone Blocks You


Anyone can get blocked by their loved one at any point in time; this can be due to misunderstanding or probably a mistake. Why does this happens? We go by the saying nobody is perfect, everyone is bound to make mistakes, you could offend your loved ones and get yourself blocked without the chance to say sorry or explain.
Well, all that would be a thing of the past henceforth, today on our continuous episodes of bringing you updates, we would be discussing whatsapp Trick focusing on How to unblock yourself if someone blocks you.

Apart from our main topic for today, we are also going to lay out some useful whatsapp tricks for you which includes;
How to prevent the blue ticks on whatsapp.

How to know how many people has viewed your post in a group

Am sure you are going to love this tricks. But before we get going to the tricks we are going to layout for you, let’s get to discuss How you would get yourself unblocked on whatsapp if someone blocks you. You want to know how to go about this? Then take a sit as we unveil the latest whatsapp tricks for you.

How to unblock yourself on WHatsapp

Here we are buddies, this section will hold up the magic to help you get yourself unblocked in a matter of minutes. Getting to discuss this, we are going to break down the process into three different stages to give you a proper understanding of what you are about to do in the easiest form. If you really want to chat with your lover that has blocked you on whatsapp, then make do with the steps laid out below.

Step 1
Did your loved one block you on whatsApp? No problem, here holds up the first stage to get yourself unblocked, now what must you do first? Here is what to do;
Ensure that your chats with the person that just got you blocked in backed up because this would be very necessary and important to complete the whole unblocking process, and to do this is a very simple task I guess but if you don’t know how to get this done, no problem, here is how to go about it; Launch your WhatsApp App and get to the settings interface, on getting to the settings interface, you would locate the “Chat” Option, click on it, on clicking on this, another interface pops up displaying “Back-up Chats” click on it. 

But before you get running into backing up your chat, I presume you should have had an email and make sure its an active one.

This is because you are going to find an option requiring you to  backup your chats on your Google drive account and when you have a Gmail account you automatically have a google drive account to store up your data, click on this option, fill in your accout details and set the backup frequency of your choice.

What if you don’t have a Gmail account? No problem, we are going to save you the stress, you can as well make use of your SD card present on your device for the backup process, but it would highly be recommended that you make use of the Google drive option as it proves safer than your SD card, you might never can tell what will happen to your SD card the next minute. Done with this step? Let’s get going to the other steps.

Step 2
Step 2 proves to be very easy, how do I mean? This step entails something that would not give you stress in any form. Now here is the deal, I believe before you can complain of being blocked by someone, you already have their number? Great! But this is it, you have to get this number jotted down somewhere else as it would be required for use later, you know why? 

The reason for this is because to complete the unblocking process, you have to delete the person’s number from your device completely before you get going with the next step. If you have step 2 completed, let’s roll to the next step which happens to be the last step.

Step 3 (The last phase)
Almost done, here we are at the last phase of the unblocking process, now you are going to fully know How to Unblocked yourself if someone blocks you on whatsapp and you can have the whole time you need with such people. 

  • At this stage, you are expected to have backed up your chats on Google drive or your SD card and also you must have jotted down the number somewhere else, on completing this, head back to the whatsapp interface to get the rest of the task done.
  • What would you do after this? Good questions, locate “Account Settings” on whatsapp, click on it and another interface would pop up, there you would see an option that writes “Delete Account” click this option.
  • I know this may sound weird but its actually a tested and trusted way of unblocking yourself, you know why? When you delete your account, it implies that you are no longer on whatsApp for that period and it wouldn’t be possible to block a user that is no longer on WhatsApp.
  • Therefore WhatsApp erases your account on the blocker’s list hereby setting you free when you open another WhatsApp account using the same number.

On getting back to WhatsApp again, you would appear as a new user who have never used whatsApp before as your account has been deleted, therefore, you would be unblocked automatically and you would now have the access to someone that once blocked you on WhatsApp, therefore, you can explain yourself, if it happens to be a misunderstanding.

After you have deleted your account, start the registration procedures again, what do I mean? I mean, you should register as a user registering for the first time on whatsApp, verify your mobile number and import your chats backup from Google drive or your SD card. And there you go, you would be granted the access to chat with your blocker again.

Well, it happen you get blocked again, you can go over this same process again as there are no limits to it.

WhatsApp Tricks

Having learned How to Unblock Yourself if someone blocks you, we would as well be sharing some useful tips and tricks as promised earlier on.
Over the years, the social media platform popularly known as WhatsApp has gone viral across the world, but as popular as it is, most of its users don’t know what tricks can actually be performed on this platform, most of the users are mainly concerned with chatting and uploading status, but if you are not that type, then let’s get you a better experience on whatsApp.

WhatsApp Trick: How to prevent the blue ticks on WhatsApp

Do you really know you can prevent your friends and other WhatsApp users from knowing that you have already read their messages? Funny huh? Well, there is a way to get this done if you really need this trick. You want to know how? Then let’s get going.

Making use of this feature requires the use of a third-party app, what do I mean? You have to download another app to get this feature enabled for you. What app am I referring to? I recommend the “HIDE STATS” app for this, this app can be downloaded on Google play store or the App store for iOS users by searching for it and clicking the install button.

Concept of the Hide Stats App

Now how does this app works? This App works in a way that it closes your internet connection when you launch whatsApp, and with this, all messages that has been sent to you won’t get a double tick on the messages sent from the sender if you read them, which implies that the sender would never be able to tell if you have read the message or not.

How to know how many people has viewed your post in a group
Do you know you can get to know the number of people that has viewed a message you dropped in a group? Well, its actually pretty simple to do, however, this trick can be carried out in two ways depending on whether you are using an Android device or an iOS device.

Android device

After sending a message into a group, here is how to know the people that has viewed your status;
Hold down the message you have sent till you get it highlighted and you will find some option icons above the interface, click on the icon that looks pretty much like an “i” in a circle and there you would have the list of viewers.

iOS Users

if you appear to be an iOS user, it’s much easier than the android version, all you have to do is swipe the message you have sent from right to left and your list of viewers will pop up, that easy right?

Conclusion On Whatsapp Tricks: 

How To Unblock Yourself If Someone Blocks You.
Now, you have the tricks you require to get a better experience of the WhatsApp platform and most especially a way to get yourself unblocked if someone blocks you.

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