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Tricks and cheat to do exam without paying fees

Not everyone can afford pay their school fees before the due date which is bad because they wont be allowed to write exams but worry not again here are few tips on how to write exams without paying fees

1. Write a letter about trouble paying 
You can write a letter to the school about you having trouble paying your fees and explaining your state of dilemma and you be allowed to pay later

2. Singing an undertaking
 You can sign an undertaking about you paying the fees after doing the exam remember you have to pay because if you dont your studentship will be terminated

3. Request for paying installmentally 
You can make a request to the school to let you pay the fees installmentally most scho allows it and some don't ,so your decides if its a yes or no

4. Application for late fee submission
 You can also write to the school for late fee submission and your request will be approved with a good reason 

5. Extension
 you can make a request to the school to extend the day of closure of the fees payment in order to allow you do the exam.

Note that you will have to later on pay your fees because thats the only way you can retain your studentship if not you will loose your studentship

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