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Top 9 Best Tips to Start Mini Importation Business in Nigeria


One major problem about profitable business is capital, everyone has an interest in different types of business, but most people can't afford to start the business just because they don't have enough money to start. I am writing this content for people who wish to venture into importation, but cant afford to, due to low capital. You will learn how to import goods here in Nigeria with not more than #5000. You could be importing electronics, furniture, your office equipment, kitchen appliance, shoes, bags, clothes, phone's, home interiors and many more; you can import them at a very low cost. If you can go through these procedures, then you have gotten your way out of financial problems. People tend to give up in business plans because they have no capital to start.  


(1) Choose the field that suits you
Before you ventured into any business, you have to. Plan first so you will know the type of product you will be importing and how you are going to sell it. You will need to make an In-depth research on whatever product you  want to put on sale, know the number of customers that need it and know how you can convince your customers.

(2) Choose a good location
Location matters a lot in any business you are running, always make sure you are selling your product in a place where they are lots of crowds and where people in need of your products will Always find you to patronize you. The way your product is being exhibited is also significant for instance you sell clothes, and you have a large clothing store, one thing you need to understand is if you have a big store there are chances of selling at a high amount more than those who sell on the roadside.

(3) Create a bank account for the business you run
You need to create an individual bank account for your business, in other for you to save your revenues in it or sometimes your customers might want to transfer the money to your bank account, once they have purchased what they want from you. Make sure the bank account is also for online banking, you can go to your bank and tell your account officer and tell he or she activate online banking for you, that's if it has not been activated.

(4) Create an online store
Amazon and eBay Is an example of online store you can make use of if you are into importation what you have to do are to visit the  Amazon official site www.amazon.com, and you create an account with them with a valid email address. Use the same name you used in opening your main bank account in registering for Amazon so that the online store will always release any product you are willing to purchase from them online. If you they notice that the name you In your account is quite different from the name you used in opening your online store, its likely for you not to get the product you ordered for.

(5) Place your order
Once your online store has been created. Then It Is time for your order for products. One thing you need to know is that the amount these products are sold on these online stores are cheaper than the amount they are sold for in Nigeria. These are one of the benefits of importation. If you purchase a product at a low cost from the online store, you will sell them in Nigeria at a very huge price. So what you have to do is to order for the products in bulk.

(6) Pay for the product you import
Once you have placed an order, then the next thing is to pay for goods. It's either you pay with your Visa card or your MasterCard then you get a verification code. If you order for this product from Amazon, then you Will have to pay for a delivery, why because Amazon does delivery in Nigeria. Make sure you go through the terms and conditions before you do anything on the Amazon store.

(7) Make sure this platform starts with https://
It very important for the platform to start with https:// so the provided care details would be safe. Make sure you put this into consideration so you won't fall into the wrong hands.

(8) Always confirm your products
What I mean is , if you've ordered for products always be sure that what you requested for is what you got, Just in case some of the goods you ordered were damaged ,you might be able to return it and also give the company the correct address of your where you reside,so they will be able to look for you when they  want to confirm that you got your good successfully.

(9) know your states zip code
Knowing the zip code of your area is also very important so you can get the product you ordered for, in your state, so it will be very easy for your "goffer" to also locate you. Because sometimes they can be complications

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