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Tips and cheat to pass poly and university test in Nigeria

Passing your test in the university and polythenic is very crucial because it entails 30% out of your 100% total mark and your exam is 70% unless you are a scholar  that can score 60% or 50% without doing test then you should pass your test,

Here are tips to help you pass your poly and university test:

1.Treat previous test
 Treat the  previous test you have done to know your weakness and strength by treating it you will know your stance whether you are fit for the upcoming test or not and how much or vast you need to read in order to pass very well and adage says  "if you fail to learn from history you are bound to make the same mistake " so as not to make the same mistakes you might have made in the previous test ,treat the previous test.

2.study for the test
 Studying is basically the key to  passing so you really have to study hard so you can pass ,don't be intimidated when you see people carrying book all the time find the convenient time you know you can assimilate and read

3.Go for tutorial or get tutored
 Tutorial is also good of you have a topic you dont understand while reading you that have to keep it you yourself or skip the topic questions might come out from the topic so you can go for tutorial and ask questions about topics that is not clear to you or get a tutor to explain the duffiult topics to you for easy assimilation

4.Form study group
 Forming study group is the best,this is where you learn the most because you are not only going to be tutored by one person you are going to be tutored by many because in the study group a topic is explained by many people in different ways so it can be understood by the ones that have difficulty with the topic before.

After all the reading and tutorial you also need to revise all the topics or you have a jotter you jotted to revise before the test in order to refresh your brain

Studying is the key if you fail to prepare you are preparing to fail.

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