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Tips and cheat to become students leader in Nigeria institutions

What is a student leader? A student leader is any students who takes up the role and responsibility of being the intermediary between the school authority and the students ,who conveys the needs of the students to the school authority and the school authority passes message across to the students to through the student leader.

To become a good student leader on campus here are few things you need to know

1. Commitment and passion
 To be come the student  leader of your school you must be committed,you must be a man that has commitment for everything he does because if you are not even committed to what you are doing yourself how will you be committed to your fellow students and you must have passion for what you are doing because if you dont have passion for it you can do it right,and nobody is forcing you to be the student do what you have passion for not because your friend is going you too want to go.

2. Communicator
 To become a student leader you must be a good and great communicator because being a communicator between the school authorities and  the student is your job you must be outspoken not someone that will be tossed around so you have to be bold to be able to communicated to both the school authorities and the students

3. Descion making capabilities
 One of the characteristics of a good leader is having decision making capabilities as a leader you must have the ability make good decisions for the betterment of the students and the whole school at large

 Honesty is everything to become the student leader you have to be a honest person because if you are not honest the students won't vote for you because the job of being a student leader deals basically with being honest because you will have to tell the truth to the students on decisions the school is going to take and not taking bribe and lying to the students they will later impeach you

5. Be ready to make a difference
If you want to become a good student leader that the students will vote for make a difference,make findings on all the things the past leaders had done and think of a way you can improve them or make a difference,during your manifesto reading tell the students about the difference you want to make they will surely vote for you .

To become the students leader  of your school and a good thing  study the things listed above carefully . and some few characteristics you need to have to be a good leader is

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