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Fastest and easiest ways for Nigerian students to make money online

As a student there are various online business you can do that can bring in money for you daily or monthly here are some of the online business you can venture into

1. Graphics design

 Well graphics design is part of our daily life people need the services of graphics designer daily talk of weddings programs ,jotters, banners ,flyers e.t.c so there's always work to do,as a student that wants to make money online ,graphics design is a good way of making money its quite easy first you have to learn how to make graphic design maybe during the holidays after that you are set  make people know your brand on social media and you are good to go all you need is a laptop

2. Vlogging 

This is a very easy way of making money online if you are a video freak that likes making video or comedy skit you can use your comedy skit to make money ,well this can be seen because all our comedians are living large from the money made from vlogging all you have to do is create a YouTube channel tell your friends about your channel and they subscribe to it and you upload your videos to your channel then you are all set.

3. Writing articles

 There are many blogs online that are in search of writers with new ideas and fresh content for their blog you can just apply you would surely be picked because you dont require any qualification, you just have to know how to read and write and have a smart phone or laptop boom its that easy

4. Online survey 

 This is a very easy way of making money during your spare time by filling out online survey, research companies are always recruiting new members every time to answer survey and test new products

5. Blog

As a student you can easily start a blog in your school you can write about the things happing in your  school about insightful,Cathy, gists ,trendy  and educative stuffs that will make people read your blog and the more traffic your blog gets the more money you Make.

6. Website and apps testing 

For apps its called beta tester this is when you try out new or existing apps and website so that website owners can see and evaluate glitches that can be faced by real users and fix then its to improve online experience for every internet user

7. E-commerce

 This is a very easy way of making money online if you are a bead maker,cake maker,  sell clothes ,sell shoes e.t.c, e-commerce is the best for you ,you can publicise your goods on jumia, konga,jiji et.c which will shoot you out to thousands of customers

8. Affiliate marketing

 if you dont have services or products to sell  affiliate marketing is the best for you it gives you strong commission for making their products known to world online they provide you with a tracking link and any time a sale is made you earn a commission all you have to do is pick a good  market and affiliate marketing starts

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