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Best Strategy and Tips for Facebook Advertising in 2019/2020

Facebook advertising is one of the best ways for bloggers to get traffic for their site
So I'm going to be telling you the best strategy for Facebook advertising ,

1. set goals
You have to set a goal to arrive at a goal you just can't arrive at a goal its not possible set the goals you want to achieve with the advert like brand awearness ,more followers and others

2. target audience
Audience is what you are looking for thats the essence of your advert so you have to target the right audience in order to get more audience you just have to find then ,you can do this with flashy contents.

3. Post frequently
If you want your page to grow posts frequently in a day at least 4-5 posts to boost your audience

4. monitoring
You have to monitor your page from time to time to develop it very well because its like a little plant if you dont monitor it,weed it,water it will die off

5. set your budget
You have to set your monthly budget and yearly budget to know the amount of credit and debit you have so as not to result in a loss

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