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Best Football Prediction Sites that Predict Matches Correctly

This are the list of 'Best Soccer and Football Prediction Sites' that Predict Football Matches Correctly, Perfectly and Accurately "100% Sure to win" in 2019

In this content, I will be talking about the five "best football prediction sites" that predict football games correctly. These sites are great, but what matters most is how you use them. Before I proceed, I am not giving you 100% assurance that you are going to get your (football match prediction correctly).
I am only giving you an option on how to get ideas of "football predictions". Some people use these for some reasons, not like these sites will predict correctly, it will just give you a clue on the "team that is likely to lose, win or draw" for Today Matches.

Here is the list of Websites that Predicts Daily Football Matches Correctly

(1) Protipster

www.protipster.com is one of the "best football prediction sites" I will recommend, I made this site number one because its very understanding, and it has excellent features.

  • If you are using the site, you can decide to Post your predictions, and other members will also drop their prediction, then the platform "algorithm" will calculate all the scores according to the probability. That's if it's going to come true.
  • The platform has a free version where you will have access to "free prediction". But the paid version has more advantage. For instance, getting a prediction that has higher ratings.
  • One other thing about this protipster.com is that you can 'earn some money' on it by sharing some "prediction tips" on the platform.

(2) Gymex

www.gymex.com is a good platform you can use for "predicting football matches". It comes with AL football prediction, if you use Gymex, the "AL predictor" will help you predict draws, and it will also predict against any odds.
The owners of Gymex.com said they would be "predicting a long-term winning" regularly. And the prediction will be 70% correct. If you want to use the website for your football prediction, you will have to choose the version you want.
There are two types of versions. We have the free version and the paid version. But I will advise you to go for the paid version so you can gain full access to the football prediction.
The lowest price is 6.95%, but it will only last for just (one week that's seven days). While the highest is 90.95%.
This one will last for a whole year, and that's 12 months. If you aren't okay with the site policy, I guess you should go for another "football prediction site". There are other football prediction I listed in this article.

(3) WindrawWin

www.windrawwin.com is one of the best football prediction sites on this list, they have the free version and the paid version. On this platform, you will know the statistics and result. You will also know the trending football prediction.
The platform was also created for its user's also to watch "football matches" online. 
WindrawWin.com has about 120 football leagues you can select. The site offer it's members at least 300,000 predictions on every season. WindrawWin offers proper distribution with "bookmakers" in the country.
The platform features reliable bookmakers alone. But not all of them are available in any region. If you are interested, you need to check the rig.
This site is excellent, and it is one of the (best football prediction site). If you are having issues with this platform, you can get in touch with them through their email or Customer Care.

(4) Bettingexpert

www.bettingexpert.com is more like a "social network for football betting". It's a platform where people from different Geographical areas meet themselves to talk about "football prediction", and they also share their tips.
You will learn a lot from this platform. Bettingexpert.com has the free version, and one advantage about the site is that you can also make some money by giving out your 'winning tips', make sure you go for teams that have higher ratings.

(5) Safedraws

www.safedraws.com is a "Nigerian football prediction site" that offers different predictions. One thing about the platform is that it has analysis for (over 49 'football leagues') in every part of the world so that you can place any bet successfully.
The site has a 'free version' and a 'paid version'.
The paid version has four different price plans, that ranges from (#4000 to #5000) every month.
If you need to Make some inquiry or you have a question to ask, you can get in touch with them via their "WhatsApp digit" or you have a live chat with them.

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