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Best Dating Sites & Apps in Nigeria for Singles looking for Hookup

This are the Best and Latest Dating Sites and App in Nigeria for singles looking for hook up to meet new people or find relationship and lovers

Are you finding it difficult to get a lover in Nigeria? If yes, there is a better option.
Lots of people make research on the best dating site and app in Nigeria. There are lots of dating apps in Nigeria, and there are lovely and easy
Just go through the apps I will be listing.

(1) Tinder
This app is very common, it's location-based, and it's in every part of the world. The app is very easy, and it's going to show you users that leave within your area. You will swipe to the left that's if you are interested in the profile you Just viewed. But if you don't, then you swipe to the right. The tinder app notifies it's users whenever there is a match, and you can start sending them private messages. You can download the app on Google play store or app store.

(2) Badoo
Badoo is another dating site and application we have in Nigeria. It is location-based also, and it will indicate the people who leave and works within your vicinity. You get to meet people by their age, gender, and location. The app allows it's members to communicate with people around them, and they can also rate their pictures. One thing about badoo is that it enables you to swipe through different user's Images. If you are interested, then you click on yes or no.
The app is very popular in Nigeria; it has about 400 million users. People from the 36  State's in Nigeria are familiar with the badoo app, but the significant people who use badoo come from Lagos, Abuja, and Port Harcourt. You can get the app on play store, but if you are using windows, you might not be able to download the app.

(3) Zoosk
Zoosk is an international dating app; it comes with 25 different languages and its available in 80 countries or more than.
The app has excellent features, and it uses an algorithm that shows you the behavior of its user's, and it will match users with similar actions. Zoosk is very popular in Nigeria, and it has a lot of users in Nigeria. You can get the app on iPhone, Windows, Android, and apples. You can also get the app on the Amazon play store.

(4) Facebook
You might be surprised that Facebook is among the dating apps I've listed in this article.
Facebook is a place where you can meet your lover in Nigeria. Only a few people know about this. There is a specific page on facebook that has about 300,000 likes. The name is hooked up. It's a Nigerian page, you will meet lots of Nigerians on this page, seeking for different advice on dating and some of the members also look for relationship on the page.  Some people have found their lover on this page. They are lots of facebook groups you can also join where you will meet lots of Nigerian guys and girls looking for a relationship. Just search for them on Facebook, and you find a lot of dating groups and pages.

(5) Friendite
Friendite is one Wonderful dating site and application we have in the country. The app Also has excellent features. A Nigerian guy named Emmanuel Okeke launched it. Emmanuel was born in Nigeria, and he also grew up in Nigeria. And he created the app for Nigerians who are looking for a dating partner. The app is not tagged for Nigerians only; people from other African countries can also join and make use of it.
Nigerian singles are very familiar with the app.for the fact that's it's not so popular. You can get the app on the Google play store if you are an Android user.  Other smartphone asides from Android may not be able to get this app.

(6) Naijing
Naijing is a dating app, just like a friendite. The app is only available for mobile users; it doesn't have a desktop version. Naijing is just like every other dating app where you can just like peoples profile, and you start communicating with them by sending them messages.
The Naijing app was founded in 2014 by a Nigerian. The app has over 500,000 installs.
According to the Google Play store for the fact that it has no desktop version. The app is becoming popular, and lots of Nigerian singles have started making use of the App.
You can download this app from Google play store. That's if you are an Android user. The app is not available for iPhone users and Windows.

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