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Best cheat to pass university examination without reading

Well its not everyone that likes to read its only few people that likes to read those are the nerds well for the lazy ones in the university nobody will ask you to read or not it's not a secondary school, everyone wants to pass so here are the best way to pass the examination without reading nobody is a block head unless you choose to be check it out and see what helps you:

1. Asking questions in class

The mistake most students make is not asking questions in class when they don't understand the concept being taught maybe because they are shy or because they don't want their  friends to laugh at them so here is a trick for you ask questions in class don't be shy or intimidated because if you questions the lecturer will explain it to you in the way you can understand the concept being taught more and gain more knowledge and it will also stick to your brain those people you see in your class who don't read don't have two heads its not magic they ask questions about what they don't understand.

2. Paying attention in class

 Most students just go to class for fun some don't even go to class at all don't be one of them because you know you are to lazy and the class is the only place for you to grab what is being taught so when you are in class sit down gently preferably in the front row so  you can hear the lecturer don't sit at the back you will play all through the class
Paying attention is a trick that works well because you will always remember how the lecturer said it or maybe an incident happened that day or there was a scenario the lecturer used to explain so paying attention helps a lot

3. Avoiding distraction

 When you are in class avoid every distract ion that won't make you listen to the lecturer like playing or talking in class and also switch off your phone and avoid siting near people that will affect you in class

4. Attending class

 You can't read and you don't want to attend class its not possible you will have to choose to read or choose to attend class. By attending class you won't miss out on any topic discussed in class that way you won't be lacking behind and the lecturer might give out hints on what will come out in the exams so don't miss any class and don't miss group discussions too this helps a lot to boost your knowledge you can never forget what you learn at a group discussion its not possible don't be afraid to ask questions in a group discussion it helps in the examination hall

5. discuss topics among your classmates and complete assignments

 If you are shy in class and can't ask questions though its not good but by discussing with your classmates you can ask all the stupid questions you want remember discussing topics is fun not boring you get to learn all sort the lecturer didn't even talk about so don't miss out on it if you have been missing it also complete assignments given to you it helps so so much than you think when you are given an assignment you are to research and make findings to increasingly your knowledge which will help you a lot and also goes a long way so dont miss out on assignments if you have been missing it


This will help you a lot its not only for student who don't want to read its also for students who don't want to read much .

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