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8 Products & Items that sells faster in Nigeria without Ads


If you are looking forward to starting a business that will make a lot of sales, then this content is for you. Before you can decide to venture into any business in Nigeria, the first thing you need to consider is making plans. All the rich people in this world planned before they ventured into any business, and that is why they are successful with their business. In this article, I will list down some products you can start selling and make good sales, why? because these products are very high demanding, these are products that most people can never do without.

(1) Power banks
Power bank Is a small gadget that used in charging peoples phone. A power bank is mainly used when you lack Power supply in your house. The power bank has different dimensions, and they are very compatible. The power bank is beneficial for everyone, most especially youths, just because of the way we don't get enough power supply in Nigeria. And going to the film station to go and get fuel could be a little bit demanding, the power bank is an excellent alternative. The power bank is not the type of gadget one can produce, but you can always order for it from an online trading platform like Ali express, Amazon and others. You can get it at a lower price. As a marketer you can buy Power banks in bulk from these platforms and sell it a bit by bit, you will make a lot of sales without advertising.

(2) Cloths and shoes

People buy materials and shoes every day in Nigeria, most especially youths they are various types of clothes. Women, children, and men. Some people change them every month and buy new sets of cloths and shoes. This is something people can't do Without, it is very high demanding. Just imagine you sell designer T-shirts, and one about the designer T-shirt is that they come with different designs. If you just stand on the road with differently designed t-shirts, you Will see a lot of guys that will stop by and start buying your shirts. So venturing into clothes and shoe business is a very lucrative business that brings a lot of customers.

(3) Tiles
If you noticed this, almost all the new houses don't use cement Floors theses days, they all use floor tiles, and that is what is trending now in Nigeria. Floor tiles are something that people who are just trying to get an apartment purchase. The reason why they prefer floor tiles is that cement tiles are now an old school system. You can start selling floor tiles, and you start earning a decent income.

(4) Cosmetics
Makeup and cosmetics is something Nigerian ladies can never do without. Almost all the ladies in Nigeria cannot go out without applying to make up on their face. Make, and cosmetics is also a good business that can bring you a lot of customers.

(5) Phone accessories
They ate various types of phone accessories you could be selling and make considerable profits in returns. You can sell headphones, phone screens, earpiece, Memory Card and so on. These phone accessories are very needful in other for you to enjoy your smartphones. People buy different phone accessories every day.

(6) Building materials
There are different building materials people demand.
Lots of people in Nigeria have started building their personal houses; not everyone wants to be a tenant forever.
You can sell varieties of building materials such as aluminum, roofs, head pans, shovels, cement, iron rods, and blocks and you are going to get huge buyers.

(7) Gas cooker
Almost everyone now uses gas cooker in their houses, only a few uses stove, because the stove is now classified as and the old system of cooking. One advantage about the gas cooker is that it helps you in preparing your meal quickly and one significant fact about gas cooker is that it won't get your kitchen utensils covered with soothing. A gas cooker is more preferable than the stove. If you are using stove the flames, Will allow your pot to be covered with soothing. These days gas cooker is now the trend when it comes to cooking. You can sell gas cooker and make a lot of profits from it.

(8) Hair collection
If you sell hair products in Nigeria, just be assured that almost all the females are ready to patronize you. Majority of Nigerian girls are concerned about their appearance; they always want to look good on their hairstyles. You could be selling varieties of hair collection like Brazilian hair, dead wave curls, Peruvian hair, curly hair, and many more. Ladies are always ready to buy these hair products.

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