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8 Fastest Ways to Make #5000 daily in Nigeria (Online & Offline)


Are you a graduate looking for job you can do that will bring atleast#5000 daily before you get your dream job , are you a student looking for profitable jobs you can do  while on holiday or you are just want to make extra income?  If yes , then this article is for you.
I will reveal to you  8 surest  ways you can used to make at least #5000 in Nigeria with or without certificate and the good thing is the most them require little or no capital.

Note: the list is a combination of both online and offline business and you can make more than #5000 if you are serious with it. Let's get it started.

  The 8 best way of making 5k daily in Nigeria are:

(1) Betting shop:

It is first on our list due to its popularity in Nigeria in recent time. Though playing bet might be risky if you don't  have much  knowledge about  it (Hope you have watched sharpest arena virtual guide video, it helps a lot). 
However opening of betting shop is risk free business. It required capital but not that much and you are sure of getting your money back in two month times. With betting shop the least you can make in a day is 5k and you can make more than that if you set up your shop in an area where there are many youth.

(2) Freelancing: 

You must have heard of it before ,it is one the easier (not easiest way ) of making money online. And the most interesting thing is that you don't need any money to register at any freelancing site ,all you just need is to  have a skill people can pay for. This is easy enough for secondary school children  to do because they don't problem in approving account.
Some of the work  you can do on freelancing site are;
* Graphic design
*Article writing
*Web design
*Transcription and translation etc.
On freelancing people make more  than #5000 daily which is equivalence of $15. I have seen a guy who quit his offline business because of fiverr. Don't mind people who say Nigerian can't make on fiverr, thousand of Nigerian are making living with fiver. It left for you to learn how they are doing it.

(3) Transport service:

This is one of the most underated way of making money online but I can tell you the truth people who involved i transport service in Nigeria make money than some degree holder.
In making money from transport service you don't need to be directly involved in rendering service, you could buy the taxi, tricycles, bike or cars etc and give them to honest people who will be deliver to you either weekly or daily. 

If you don't have vehicle and can't afford one there is still way of making money from transport service.
There are many established transport companies who are always in need of drivers .you can apply to them and start making money. Don't forget "big were not made but develop from small".

(4) Internet marketing:

This is one of the most profitable online business in Nigeria. in fact if you mention #5000 per day  to an  experience internet marketer, they might ask you if you know what you are saying.
Internet marketing is just a way of promoting product or brand to people using website, blog, email and social media. Affiliate marketing, CPC and PPC are some types of internet marketing.

Internet marketing unlike other online business require time and practice to understand it. You may visit www.Lyda.com for courses on internet marketing . But if you are focus the chances of you succeeding with proper guidance is high.

(5) Car wash and maintenance:

Similar to transport service car wash is  also underated but you will agree with me that you can not spend nothing less than #500 to wash your car in small town in this our country. If #500 can be charged at small towns then how much do you tthink could be charged at city where there  are many vehicles whose owner don't have time to wash. You said it can not less than #1000. And that is true.

(6) Barbing shop:

I don't think I need to convince you that you can make more than #5000 daily by cutting hair for people.
And do you know withing short period time you could learn and become professional in barbing. It also require small capital to start and you can even offering home service delivery if you don't have shop.

Let me tell you that you don't need to be skilled at barbing to run it. If you have capital to startup, you can can rent a shop, buy the equipments and employ a very good barber (Stylist) who will be delivering daily or weekly.
Don't forget location is important.

(7) Beauty saloon:

This is another  pretty business you can start in Nigeria and be making nothing less than #5000 daily without certificate.
The dream of every lady is to look good  and beauty saloon is a place where that dream can become reality.

This are some of the surest way of making #5000 daily in Nigeria with little or no capital and as you can see they require little or no capital.

They are very lucrative business especially in an area  where they are many young people ,so in setting up your business center you must take to consideration  the number of youth in that area. Learn more about freelanching here
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