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8 Best Tips to Collect Money from Clients that don't want to pay

No matter who your clients are, This 8 Best Tips will surely helps you to collect money from those clients that don't want to pay for your goods or service

If you sell stuff online or you render some service online. Sometimes your client might not want to pay you. Requesting for payments from your clients could be an entrepreneurs job sometimes. You need to go through this content to know the steps to take before you collect payments from clients online.

Check out the tips I've list on how to get money from clients that don't want to pay.

(1) Call them regularly
If you rendered a service online and the company has refused to pay you for it. You can always disturb them by calling them repeatedly. Call the CEO and call the CFO of the company if possible, do that for a whole month. 
They might find it so annoying, but you don't have two care about that, you are after your money. Most especially when the Money is much.
If you want to get your cash by reporting them to a collection officer, it's going to cost you a lot. The best thing is to do it yourself.

(2) Get a lawyer
If you are having issues getting your money from a  company, I will advise you to work up to a collections lawyer. Do that before you resort with an agency. You won't spend much to get a layer that will help you draft down a demand letter. This might push the client to pay up almost instantly.
You can do this with low cost without resorting with any agency.
If you want to resort with an agency, they are likely to take a large percentage from whatever amount you are receiving from the client.
I will advise you to seek for a lawyer, rather than wasting too much money on those agencies. Lawyers won't charge you much compared to those agencies.

(3) know when you have to cut your losses
You need to take every vital step to get your payments from your client by your self. But if you find it challenging to do that, then you need to look for a better alternative rather than giving up on it. And don't listen to every advice people give you. You might get some advice that will discourage you from getting your money. Don't listen to every opinion, know what Is right for you and Know the best solution or you seek advice from trusted people, not just anyone.

(4) Exhaust every other option
You might find it a little bit inconvenient to call a particular client all the time, or even send them a mail asking them for your money. Your actions could get you confused sometimes.
Because your client might share his or her current situation with you and you will find it humiliating.
You need to talk to your client with understanding and empathy.

(5) Discount and your settle up
Every collection agent will request for a percentage from the amount you are expecting from your client. If you have no other option for getting your payment, you can offer the exact amount you are meant to give your agent.
You pass it over to your client as a discount. In other, for them to pay the dominant bill.
If your client  accept this offer, then you won't have to go through the process of getting a collection agent. If you Want to use a collection agent, know if they were worth it. Because some agent might request for %40 out of the amount you want to collect.
You need to know if it was worth it. Before you can consider meeting a collection agency.
The advantage about collection agency is that they can save your time and prevent you From being worried. But you are not going to get the full money you are meant to collect from the client. The collection will take their share.

(6) Disturb your clients with emails reminders
What you need to know is that non- payment could be accredited by your client being unavailability at some point. You can send them a mail almost every hour and call them regularly.
The moment your client is disturbed by your mail. He might be pushed to pay up the bill. But if this method didn't work, then you look for another alternative, or you chose not to work with them again if you wants to give up on it.

(7) Be more flexible.
If you rely on a particular client that didn't pay you for your good and service, you will be frustrated and outraged, but you don't need to. Because your client might be going Through some challenges and it might be the reason for not paying you your money, but you might not know this. You can try talking to them calmly rather than talking to them with anger or even threatening them.
If you speak to them with anger, your client might get mad at you, and they might not want to Pay for your goods and services you rendered.
Learn not to get crazy at your client, in other for you to still have them. Just be flexible and understand the challenges they are also going through. That's if they gave you the reason for not giving you your money.

(8) Don't lose communication with them
Before you go to any collection agency, you need to communicate with your clients regularly to know if they don't want to pay you intentionally. Understand their reasons for not paying before you get a collection officer.

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