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8 Best Online Free Advertising Tips to Promote Business in Nigeria


Digital marketing is now an essential way of our current day marketing. If you make use of digital advertising the appropriate way, your business will grow both online and offline, and you will get a lot of conversion and sales. It helps your company have an audience. But if you don't advertise well, you won't get any results. There is always a need for your business to be promoted. You can broadcast your business in different ways. However, I have just listed down eight tips for advertising your online business.

(1) Make use of Technology

Technology these days is improving more and more, as a business marketer or a business owner, one of the sure ways to promote your business is by using technology. Always make use of social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn for promoting your business or use contents marketing and email marketing.

(2) Use brand designs for promoting your business

Back in those days, getting your business a good banner, logo, or visual communication was very expensive, but in present times it takes you nothing to invest in it. You need to create the right advertising materials; for instance, business Cards and filters can help your business go places.

(3) Have a customer service

You are having a customer service essential for you as a marketer or businesses owner. Why because some business does fall when you don't have many customers. Being a business owner doesn't mean you should just get customers alone, but the major thing is to bring your customers back.

(4) Always know your patron

One major thing about marketing is to, first of all, know the people who are patronizing you, understand them. Know What they like. Selling stuff to People you don't know at all sometimes cause problems for business owners sometimes. A target customer is essential for any business owner. You should alway's understand what your customers want.

(5) Connect with your clients on social media

You need to be active on social media if you are self-employed, in other for to always connect with your customer online. For instance, Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn is two major social network business owners use very well. If you are very active in these two Social networks, you can always get in touch with your clients online. They are chances of getting more clients from the social network through your customers. They might convince other people about your products. You need to give out your contacts at some point. You can give people your email address, WhatsApp digits in other for them to reach you when they need your product or service. And make sure you are always available because some customers prefer to get in touch with their business owners through social media platforms.

(6) Train your staffs

Your workers are one of the people who can make your business grow very fast. Train them on how to convince your customers. For instance, your sales representatives are likely to be the one to persuade your customers all the time.  So it's essential to train them on how to convince your customers of any product they want to purchase from you. And make your sure your staffs are well motivated and know their roles in your business plan if you run the business with your staff's. Then it is moving to a greater height.

(7) Know the difference between your products and others

It is essential to allow your customers to know the difference between your products and other people own. Make it clear to them by allowing them to understand what your service is meant for, rather than comparing it with others. Let them know the importance of what you are offering to them and why they should buy your product.

(8) Have a public relation officer

Lots of business owners overlook public relation speaking a lot; they feel it's time wasting.
A P.R is always responsive to the crowd concerning your business; you can also have an online Pr. They will take your business to another level.

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