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8 Best Blogging Apps every Bloggers must have in 2019/2020


Blogging is the act of gathering information or sharing your knowledge for people to read. They are lots of bloggers in every part of the world and technology has made things easier, now we have lots of phone applications that can be useful to you as a blogger. These apps are designed for your blogging career to be easier and stress free, I have just compiled the list of apps that could be useful for you as a blogger, just go through these apps I've listed below then you will know the one that is suitable for you as a blogger.

(1) Blogger App
Blogger  Is a platform owned by google lots of bloggers make use of this platform. Google designed the blogger app to make blogging easier. If you own a blog under the blogger platform, then you need to try this blogger app. If you are using this app, you don't need to create any username; you will just sign up with an existing Gmail. This app comes with excellent features like adding Images to the blog entries. Adding location to a post you publish and many more. You download this app from Google  play store.

(2) WordPress
WordPress is very popular among all the blogging platform; it has more users. Out of 100% blogger 60% are WordPress users, why because WordPress has a lot of plugins. If you want to blog on WordPress then you must have a web host in other for you to enjoy the nice features WordPress has, for instance, publishing blog post, modifying your blog comments and posting videos, Images and many more.

(3) Google Drive
Google Drive is an Android app owned by Google. The app allows bloggers to keep records of so many things like your documents, pictures, videos, audio, and different things. Google drive will always sync your documents along with any device, as long as your Google account is linked. Immediately Google Drive has synced your documents; then you can still route your file anywhere.

(4) Tumblr
Tumblr is a well-known platform blogger use; it is also a micro-blog. On this app, you can publish quotes, pictures, and videos and content with ease. This lovely app features like scheduling your post, responding to messages, and publishing contents. And you run numerous Tumblr blogs on the app. In addition to this, if you have contacts who use Tumblr app or runs a Tumblr blog, the app is going to indicate to you.

(5) Writer
Sometimes while you are blogging, you could be distracted, and besides blogging with the use of a smartphone could be a bit hectic. But if you have this app installed on your phone, it will help you get your problem solved as a blogger. The app helps you not to get distracted while your typing on your smartphone. If you blog without this app, you might not be focused on the content you are creating. You might get some unaware notifications on your smartphone.

(6) Photo editor
As a blogger, you can take nice pictures and publish them along with your blog content,  but they are times when these pictures do need editing, and standard editing with software's consumes a lot of time, with the use of this photo editor, you can get your pictures edited without wasting much time. You can decide to add text to your image or resize the image, edit, and crop. Whichever one you want. This app is ready to render the service.

(7) Evernote
Evernote is an android app that is very useful for blogging in terms of saving articles you have written, or you might have an idea of what to post on your blog, in other for you not to forget then you will have to save it on Evernote, you can store pictures on Evernote if you wish.

(8) G-Analytics
gAnalytics is a smartphone app that indicates the amount of traffic you get in your blog daily. It shows you bounce rates and other things. This app is just like Google analytics. If you are using this app, you don't have to bother about how many traffic you get on your blog. Because this app will bring out all the necessary info of your blog performance.

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