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7 Ultimate Tips to Get 1000 to 10,000 Blog Visitors Everyday

This is the Only 7 Best Tips you need on How to Get and Generate 1000 to 10,000 Visitors (Daily Pageviews) on your blog everyday

Sometimes when I look at how New bloggers get frustrated with the way they are not getting good traffic on their blog, I feel so sorry for them, and I've always wished I could help bloggers figure out their traffic source. There are different ways of driving traffic to your blog. There are two types of blog traffic,  we have robotic traffic and Real human traffic.

Robot Traffic:

Robotic traffic is a type of traffic that you get from the software. Though some websites offer robotic traffic, but what you need to understand about this traffic is that they don't convert,  what I mean by covert is that you are not going to earn anything on your blog with this type of traffic, you will get banned instead, most notably when you have Adsense on it. The only advantage of robotic traffic is that it helps your blog improve on Alexa.

Real Human Traffic:

Real human traffic is known as quality traffic. This type of traffic will never get your blog banned at all. It will always help your blog convert. If you are using quality traffic, your blog will always get a good result in any means of earning on it.
Here is the list of method traffic on your blog.

(1) Publish a Catchy Post
Publishing Cathy post on your blog is essential, and it's one of the best ways to allow your visitors to come back to your blog. If you don't post engaging content on your blog, people won't come back to visit your blog. Because they feel your content is not valuable.
I'm not advising you to copy and paste any Catchy you post you find on the internet, infarct that's a terrible method, it's called plagiarism, and it's against Google's policy, you will get banned by Adsense if you practice that.
If you want your blog to always be safe, I will advise you not to violate their policy. Write your contents, your self. And edit them with Microsoft Word and Grammarly.
So you won't get lousy comment's from your visitors. If your visitor finds out that your writings are terrible. They will negatively rate your blog, and that's very bad.

(2) Comment on people's blog
Blog commenting is also a suitable method for getting tons of visitors on your blog. And one opportunity about blog commenting Is that you will have a chance to build your brand and it helps you connect with other bloggers.
Its advisable to make an engaging comment on the blog, in other for you and the blog owner have more familiarity. You will have the opportunity to gain more traffic.
The moment you start commenting on people's blog, you will get noticed by the blogger and the visitors. Also, make sure you comment on blogs that get colossal blog traffic so that you can get a good result. You don't comment on every blog, you might comment on a blog that won't generate a single visitor.
If you are doing that, you are wasting your time and efforts, and it might lead to frustration. I will advise you to make indepth research on blogs that gets a lot of visitors every day.
There are thousands of them online, all you have to do is to pick at least 30 and comment on them every day.

(3) Build an email list
If you have an email list with huge subscribers, you will always be happy whenever you send them a mail. Because when you check your stats the following day, you will discover that you got a  lot of visits on Every mail you sent to your subscribers.
If you get about 10,000 visits every day and you are creating an email list, if 200 subscribes to your mail Everyday, you will get about 18.000 subscribers in the next three months.
Don't you think that's a good result? If you send your URL to all the email list, you will be surprised that your blog traffic gets boosted. If you have a small email, you won't get the right amount of traffic, but with time and consistency, your email list will grow and it will make your blog go places.
If you really want to get a lot of subscribers the best advice I will give to you Is to give out things on your blog, for instance giving your blog visitors an e-book that contains valuable Content.

(4) Guest Posting
If you write a lot of guest posting every day, you will get a lot of traffic, just six guest posting can fetch you nothing less than 3000 visitors in one day. Guest posting is usually fantastic and amazing. If you want to get traffic from guest posting, I will advise you to submit your guest post on big blogs that accept guest posting.
In other, for you to build your your brand and make your blog accessible. You can get some email subscribers from guest posting, but one disadvantage is that your submission to those sites might not get approved instantly.
If you are guest posting, make sure your contents are unique and original, because every site wants their contents unique. The mistake some bloggers make is that they post contents that aren't related to the blog's niche.
If you do that, you won't get noticed Because you are merely going off topic. And you are not going to get the expected traffic on your blog. I will advise you to allow Your blog to be similar to the blog's niche.

(5) Publish on your blog regularly
Some bloggers claim they get up to 500.000 visits on their blog, what's the Magic? Well, there is nothing special about what they do. All they do is to publish at least 5 to 10 blog post, and that's what makes search engines recognize them.

(6) Practice SEO (search engine optimization)
Every blogger knows SEO is the best method for generating traffic, but it might be a bit difficult. But if you make efforts by working on it every day or learning every day, you will be among the bloggers that are generating their traffic from search engines.

(7) Promote your blog on social media
There are lots of social media that can drive you traffic aside from facebook pages, groups, twitter, and Instagram. You can promote on other social media like: Pinterest, Reddit, Digg, mix, and Many more.
These social media are known as bookmarking sites; if you want to get good traffic, you need to promote a catchy post on them.

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