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6 Most Profitable Niches and Blog Topics to make Money in Nigeria


If you are new to blogging and you need a profitable niche to always publish on your blog, you've gotten to the right place. I've just compiled the list of blogging niches that can fetch you huge box on your blog. If you go through this article and you pick the best niche that you are interested in, you will be exposed to lots of offers that you weren't aware of.

(1) Blog about school Niche
Almost half of the Nigerian students that passed out from secondary school are looking for admission into higher institution, while those ones that are already in a higher institution are always looking forward to getting scholarships and the ones who have graduated are also looking for how to upgrade their current qualification. If you run a blog that talks about a scholarship, UTME or post UTME examinations, jamb, and school information, cut off marks for schools and many More, they are lots of chances getting a huge audience on each post you publish. They are various ways of earning on your blog if you are blogging on this niche. You can place Adsense on it, or you create private adverts for brands or you sell jamb or Post UTME past questions.

(2) Health Remedies Niche
There are tons of medications prescribed to you by your doctor. Some of these medications have side effects, and lots of people don't know how to go about it. People are always making research on remedies for different health problems, for instance, asthma, diabetes, ulcer, and many more. If you blog about solutions of how you can get rid of these Heath problems, you are going to get serious traffic on your blog, and it will help you fetch a lot of money on whatever means of earning on your blog. If you want to start writing articles on this niche, what you need to do is to make in-depth research on different health problems and create contents on how to go about it. You can be earning on your blog by running affiliate marketing, or you place Adsense or content.ad on your blog.

(3) Tech Niche
Lots of people do search the net for tech and tutorials every day, ranging from internet cheats. How to make use of Wi-Fi, how to do configuration on phones and other things. If you like helping people look for solutions to their phone problems, you could own a blog and blog about tech tutorials and Lots of people will always bombard your blog if you have exciting tech articles, most especially  Post that talks about solving some tech issues. Once your blog starts generating lots of traffic, then you can decide to run Adsense on it. Or you sell e-books that contains tech tutorials, you could also be a consultant on your blog, and you can also be getting private ads from brand's.

(4) Online Making Money Niche
They are thousands of unemployed Nigerians, and most of them are seeking for jobs, while some are employed, but their monthly income might not be enough for their upkeep.  You could be running a blog that talks about how to earn a leaving online in other to help people with different financial problems. But Before you can start publishing articles on how to make money online, you, your self need to have experience in online making money. It's not possible to coach someone on something you don't have experience on. You need to let your audience Know you are successful in making money online and be sure that what you are publishing is very genuine. Why because lots of Nigerians that tried to make money online have been disconcerted in so many ways and some have been duped by various people who claim to be bosses. For instance, you are unemployed, and you need a job then you stumbled upon content either on a blog or social media that says " buy a course on how to earn $1000 online every month. The course is just #5000, don't you think you will be enticed by this post? After purchasing the course. You will find out that the Post isn't meaningful to you. I will advice anyone that blogs about how to make money online always to publish genuine articles on how to make money online, rather than giving your blog a bad reputation. You can make money on your blog with this niche by selling your own e-books that talks about making money online and make sure you post proofs to allow your visitors to believe you.

(5) Sport Niche
Sports keyword are usually checked on google almost every day, ranging from soccer, prediction wrestling, basketball, and many more. Most of the people who check Google for sports are mostly guys, and there are always talking about football. If you run a blog that talks about football news in particular. You can always get tons of traffic every day on your blog, make sure you post the latest football News. You can make money with sport niche by placing Adsense on your blog, or you run affiliate marketing.

(6) Business Niche
Right now, the situation of Nigeria is very tight; they are lots of graduates looking for jobs. Some people are in this situation, and they are looking for how to Come out of it. You could be running a blog that talks about business. How to venture into a business that can fetch you a huge box. You will get lots of visits to your blog. You will get a lot of traffic on this niche because this is what Lots of people search online. You can make money on this niche by running Adsense, or you sell e-books. You can Also run a consultation service.

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