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6 Best Ways to Receive Money from Foreign Clients in Nigeria


Now in modern times, technology is advancing more and more technology has improved by creating easy ways to transfer money overseas or receiving payment abroad. Lots of Nigerians are finding it very easy to use online money transfer rather than going through a lot of stress in the bank. When you go to the bank, there is usually a lot of queues and it's going to take your time most especially for those who took permission at their working place to quickly go to the bank. However, receiving Money from clients overseas could be a little bit chronic sometimes.
The moment you go through this article, you will know the best way to receive payments online with ease.

We have solve all the problems of how to receive money from foreign clients internationally here

1. How to receive money from clients overseas in Nigeria.

2. How to receive Money from foreign clients in Nigeria.

3. How to receive Money from abroad in Nigeria.

4. International payment gateway in Nigeria.

5. How to get money from USA Clients.

6. How to receive money by PayPal in Nigeria.

7. How to get money from international clients.

8. How to receive money by Western Union and Money Gram in Nigeria.

9. Best Method to receive money from foreign countries.

10. Fastest and Saver ways to get money from abroad in Nigeria.

western union allows you to receive money or send money overseas from a foreign account.
Some year's back, making transactions with foreign account wasn't allowed in Nigeria, but it has now been legalized, you can send or receive money from every part of the world, with the use of western union, some Nigerian banks do have western union agents. If you want to make use of western union you will have to provide the location of the person receiving the money and other necessary information on how or she can be identified before sending the payment. You will fill a form in other to transfer money to that any western union agent in Nigeria. Make sure the form was filled with capital letters; what you will need to submit to your agent is a valid Identity Card always request for a receipt.

(2) Money Gram
Money gram is also a well know means of receiving money or sending money overseas. It is easier when you are sending or receiving payment from a location that is not far from yours with the use of Money-Gram. What you have to do is it, first of all, see your agent, then you will be asked for your ID card, be sure it is valid. You will put down your full name that competes with the ID Card, the receivers location, and the amount you are transferring. If you want to send it to a bank account, you will be asked for the bank name of the receiver and the account number. Make sure you send the receiver the eight digit reference code and fill the required form in other for you t have a successful transaction.

The word PayPal is not new to anyone that is always browsing the net. The platform is trendy in terms of receiving and sending money online. With the use of PayPal. You can send money to anyone overseas. And you shop online.you can pay for all sort of goods.you can purchase anything on Amazon and eBay here in Nigeria with the use of PayPal. one fact about PayPal is that the details on your credit card are alway's secured while you are buying goods online.

(4) Payooner
Payoneer is a foreign company found in New York City, and that Is where they have their headquarters, and it was registered with the global MasterCard. 
Payooner is a commercial organization, where you can send money with a commercial service. Payoneer allows international associations to pay Nigerians for every service they render through their system. People from every part of the world can make a transaction with this platform; they can receive and send or even make withdrawals. All you have to do is to create a virtual payooner account, so you can always enjoy the platform. You have to create a US bank account as a Nigerian who wants to make use of the platform. Then you will receive a US checking number which includes a  checking number and a routing number; you are expected to provide these details when you attempt to make any withdrawal from your USA bank account.

(5) Squarecash.com
squarecash.com is an excellent means of making an online transaction, and it is very easy to use, and the process can be done automatically. On this platform, you will be asked to provide the amount you want to transfer, and the information of the receiver or if you are the one who wants to receive the money, you will be asked for some vital information.
You can use your email address or phone number for squarecash.
If you want to use your email for squarecash. You will create one for the person or the company you want to transfer the money to, you will type the amount you wish to transfer in dollars. Make sure you put it in the subject line. Then you send the real copy of your report to squarecash.com so the company would notify your transaction. But if you are the one who's receiving the Alert, you will get your money straight to your bank account here in Nigeria. This process can be done with a debit card.

Bitcoin is a popular Means of sending money and receiving money online. It is a cryptocurrency and an electronic Cash. You send money through a wallet provided to you once you create the account, they are different types of bitcoin account But I will personally recommend blockchain and coinbase they are more secured.

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