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6 Best Trusted Sites to Sell iTunes & Amazon Gift Cards in Nigeria


People do receive iTunes card, amazon, google play, Walmart from different sources. It's just that exchanging it to naira is a bit difficult. One significant challenge people face when they want to redeem their card is some fake website. They are some website that claims they buy iTunes and gift cards, wearers you won't get anything. So you need to be very smart so that you won't fall for the wrong website.

You will get to know legit sites where you can sell your iTunes cards, Amazon gift card's, Google Play, and many more. I've you been looking for ways to exchange your card's for real money? Then you've got the right article about that. Selling your gift card wouldn't be a problem after you've gone through this content I've created.

cardnosh is an excellent website that buys Gift cards from people; they buy different types of Gift cards, you can sell Amazon, google play,iTunes, Walmart, and many more on this platform. They have been existing for some time now, and they are registered under corporate affairs in Nigeria. I like this site because they buy gift cards at reasonable rates. If you want to sell cards to this company, visit their website, or you contact them on WhatsApp with this digit +2348125349466. They respond to customers on time.

(2) Icadiatrade
Icadiatrade is one of the best platforms for online trading. You can sell different types of gift card on this platform., Like iTunes, Walmart, steam, amazon, target, Ecodes, and many more. You can get them in Naira or bitcoin; you are the one to decide the one you want. If you have any gift Cards for sale, then I will recommend this platform for you.they are very reliable, and they have fantastic service. If you want to sell your gift card on this platform, then you can contact them on WhatsApp via this digit +8613582442131.

(3) Localbitcoins.com
localbitcoins.com can also is an excellent platform for redeeming your gift card; it's similar to the other online trading platform I listed in this content. You can also choose your payment method for any ticket you redeem on this platform. What I like about this platform is that it's very easy to use and fast. If you need a platform for a quick transaction, then I will suggest  localbitcoins.com.

(4) Paxful
Paxful  is a platform where you will meet individuals for gift card transactions,there is no %100 assurance that the platform is genuine, because its a peer to peer platform and they are tons of fraudsters that claims there are gift card merchants, so if you are making use of Paxful, then you have to be extremely careful and wise, I will suggest you always seek for an escrow If you are trying to make any transaction on PAXFUL.

If you need a platform where you can sell your card's at reasonable rates, I will recommend SELLCARDBTC, and they buy gift card at reasonable prices compared to other online trading platforms. On this platform, you can sell your bitcoins, iTunes gift cards, Amazon gift cards, Walmart, steam, and many more. You will have to create an account with them, then you will be given access to the trading section, where you can redeem your cards and get your money in naira or if you think this is a long process, then you can contact them directly on WhatsApp for your transaction. Their WhatsApp digit is +8801887470099.

(6) Poolofcards
poolofcards has been in existence for a while. It has helped lots of people in getting their gift cards exchanged to naira. One significant fact about this platform is that it doesn't take time at all; you will get your money straight to your bank account within 10 minutes. You can sell different types of card's on this platform, and you get paid in naira, PayPal, cedis, bitcoins, or RMB. Whichever one you want. Their service is excellent.

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