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Making money from your clients can be tough at times, but on the other hand it’s easy, do you want to know the best tips to get $100 - $200 dollar from your clients every month? If yes, then count yourself lucky, because today on sharpestarena we would unveil that which you seek for you. 

So far, we have seen lots of people making little money from their clients, but we have the key to making you get more money from your client every month, and what key are we talking about?
We are speaking of tips to fetch you the cash from your clients.

We all know that getting a client for our business is not such an easy task, and after getting the client, we still get little money from them. Why should that be so? Hey buddy, don’t misquote me, am not asking you to bill or charge your clients far more than the standard of the service you offer to them, you don’t have to charge them much before you make up to that amount from them, it only requires techniques and skills to get more from them.

Let’s not waste much time, if you are ready to get the best tips to get $100 - $200 from your clients every month, then take a seat and watch us unravel the secrets behind making more cash from your clients.

How do I make more money from my clients every month?

Good question, as promised earlier, this segment would hold up the secret to that which you seek, therefore, be attentive and ready to learn, don’t let this opportunity get past you.

Here are the tips required to make more money from your clients every month.

1. Hard work
You wouldn’t get far with your clients without being hardworking, most clients across the world loves people that are hard working, people that can get multiple jobs done without delay, with this, your client would be happy and you would get to earn more and more each passing day.
Actually I won’t let this slide without proofs and examples, now lets solve this logically, let’s say you earn a minimum of $1 from your client per day from the service you render, if this is calculated in a month makes $31 but do you know this could actually change.
If you could increase your speed and capacity you could actually make $4 a day and if that is calculated for a month, you have made over a $100 from just one client in a month.

If you keep this up, the income becomes steady, moreover, we all know that jobs you offer to client would be over $1 no matter how little the service you render is, so do the calculations yourself and see how much you have been able to make in just a month from just one client.

So, what if you have multiple clients and you offer your services at the same rate? How much do you think you would make every month? That’s just a simple logic people fail to make use of, rather they prefer billing their clients of more money for lesser job.

If you keep up with that, you might end up losing your client to another person that would offer faster job and lesser price tags.
Are you bothered about time? Let me do the calculations for You.
Let’s say you make use of 2 hours for just one task from one client service that yields about $3 a day, you have 24 hours per day and you have only spent 2 hours out of it. 
What if you increase your work time to about 16 hours? Imagine how much you have been able to make in a day? Keep up with hard work and make more money from your clients every month.

2. Quality work
Hard work without standard and quality is absolutely meaningless, if you want to keep the cash flowing in steadily, you should learn to deliver quality jobs to your clients, don’t stare at the money you are going to realize from them.
Offer them quality jobs and you would see the magic of cash in flow from your clients.
If peradventure you meet a cool client, if you offer a quality work for the client, the client might decide to increase your pay, and if your wages is increased plus your hard work, can you imagine how much you are going to make from just a client not to talk of when you have multiple clients that you work for.

Would you prefer another calculation? Let’s do this, for instance, you deliver two quality work to a client who pays you $6 for each at initial stage, if your work is accurate and the client decides to increase it to about $8 for both.

Calculate that for a whole month, and let’s now say you decided to step up your game as a hard working employee, you deliver four quality works per day, you can imagine how much you would make from just a client per month.

3. Honesty
You might be wondering what this has got to do with making more money from your clients, well, in accordance with the previously stated tips to get $100 - $200 from your clients every month.
 You should as well be honest to your client. How does this earn you more from your client?
If you are being honest with your client, your client would definitely recommend you to other people which would however bring in more money for you, now if you would reason with me, this money came from your previous client because if the client haven’t recommended you to another client, the extra income you get would not have come. 
So this actually means your honesty with just one client has gotten you more income and at the same time more clients, now imagine being honest with all your clients.

Let’s say you have just 5 clients and you make $3 each from them, with honesty you get one more client each from the present 5 which makes it 10, calculate your income for a whole month.
It’s just as simple as that, and in this case, you are no longer the marketer of your own business, the clients you have gotten from your previous marketing strategy would be your marketers, they would now speak on your behalf to other clients, so you can see how far your business grows with just being honest and also how much you get in a month for also being honest.

4. Attitude
Aside from being honest, you also have to watch your attitude with your clients. We all know some clients can be frustrating at times, but only you know what you are up to achieve and what you stand to gain from them.

Have you ever been in a situation whereby the client that pays you the most frustrates you the most and you have no choice?
That’s what am talking about, if you can’t exhibit a good attitude towards your client, you would definitely loose them, therefore your income for a month has been cut short.

Like I said earlier, you alone know that which you want, so keep up with the good attitude, learn to communicate with them politely and this would work fine for you just like when you are being honest, hardworking and delivery quality works.

Your attitude towards one client would determine if you would get more clients from the same source and if you have shut down one channel because you couldn’t take the shit and frustration a client gives you, and then consider yourself short of clients from that root and source.

5. Offering more ideas to aid your clients business
This is another form of getting to earn more from your clients, you may tend to wonder what this has got to do with you, actually, if you want to make more money, make use of this useful tip.

Your client may not be an open type, you should learn to give the client more ideas you think can be of help to elevate the client’s business, with this, the client would be open to you and therefore offers you more job opportunity aside the ones you have always received from the client because the client would now see you as someone who wants the best for his or her business.

With this alone, the client might even decide to increase your pay knowing that you are just the right one for the job and he or she wouldn’t want to loose you.

If this still sounds awkward to you, then you definitely to sleep over it and imagine the profits you make from just one client not to talk of multiple client.

Conclusion On Best Tips To Get $100 – $200 dollar From Your Client Every Month

The logic to earn more from a client isn’t more than this, if you can follow this methods and tips squarely, you are sure of making more than $200 every month from your clients.

You might never know how easy it is until you give it a try, therefore, press on with the laid out best tips on how to get $100 - $200 from your clients every month and thank us later.

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