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4 Best Free Online Video Compressor Tools without losing Quality


If you need a tool for compressing video's for free, then you've gotten to the right place. I have just compiled a list of video compressing software in this content. The software's are websites based, and they are free.
These software's will help you compress your videos without losing quality at all.
The tools are more suitable if you
Use and IOS, Mac, Windows or Linux, and Android. If you want to make use of these tools, you don't have to install any of them on Whatever device you use, because it's going to compress any video you wish to compress.

They are two forms of video compressor; we have an offline compressor and online compressor.
An offline compressor tool will be installed on your system. While online compressors are usually website based and it comes with lots of benefits more than any offline Compressor tool. Why because, if you make use of any online compressor, it won't take you more than 15 to 20 minutes to get your video compressed. It depends on you.


If you are using these tools, you will be able to reduce the size of any video online, and you also be able to compress the size of your video file without losing quality.
This tool can accept any amount of video resolution with a different type of format ranging from AVI, MP4,3GP, FLV and so on.

(1) Ezgif.com

This tool comes with different features; it will help you compress any video you wish, direct from your system or any device you use. Immediately you put the link of any video on the tool; your video will be compressed, this tool can help you adjust any type of video formats like  WebM, MP4 MOV, FLV and many more. The tool can as well turn your MP4 to gif. You can do different things with your video. If you wish to turn a video to GIF or you want to convert your Images to a GIF, you can do that with this tool.

(2) Videosmaller.com

Videosmaller is a free tool for compressing video's, if you are using this tool, you will be able to reduce any video size, it will compress the video file size, and it can never lose quality. You can also refine your videos that were shot on big smartphones. For instance, iPhone, you only need to pick the file of your video. And you click on the icon that says upload video. Then you wait for some minutes depending on how your video is; you can also compress your video when you use the link of your video alone. One fact about this tool is that you can make use of a very low shorten level. If you want to remove audios from your videos, it can be done on this tool, and the width of the video can also be measured. In addition to this if you wish to increase the volume of your video through videosmaller.com. It is very possible. You can do that successfully with this tool. You can Change audios and compress pictures too.

(3) Clipchamp.com

Clipchamp.com is a trendy online compressor tool; the only disadvantage of
clipchamp.com is that they have a premium plan and a free one. If you want to use the free version of this tool, obviously you are going through some procedures, but if it's paid version of the tool, you can compress different types of videos without going through any difficulty.

(4) Zamzar.com

This video compressor website allows you compress different types of video with a different format; if you are compressing your video with this tool called zamzar you won't go through any stress, why because its very easy to use, you will choose the file from your system or any device you are using. Or if you can use the video link, it helps you compress your video exactly how you want it to be compressed. While you are about to compress your video on zamzar, the site will ask for a valid email address, so you will need to submit a valid email on the site.

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