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10 Tips to make Money Offline in your Area or Place in Nigeria

Money can also be made offline in your area ,yes money can be made offline so I'm going to be telling you ten tips to Mae money offline in your area

1 popcorn
Popcorn business is very easy and fast you can use it to make a lot of money in your area from little kids and adults too all you need is a little capital to start,to get your popcorn machine and corn .

2. Barbecue
You can start a barbecue business in the hotel or bar next to your street barbecue sells a lot so you will be making a lot of money

3. Photography
Everyone takes photos all the times at parties so you can just book appointment for parties to take photos and get your money

There are many parties during the weekend that you can usher for and they pay good money

5.liquid soap production
Liguid soap production is new in the market now and its very easy to make so all you have to do is learn how to make the soap and you can sell them in shops and supermarket

Artist makes a lot of money from the sale of their arts so if you are talented in arts make your arts and sell then

7.fashion designing
Fashion designing can get you a lot of money in just a little while all you have to do is just learn it and you can start getting Jobs

Many parents wants their kids to be tutored after school so you can apply to tutor kids after school and the pay is much too

You can learn barbing people barb their hair everyday ,barbing beings in money everyday you can never go broke so all you have to do is learn how to barb and start making money

10.poultry farming
Poultry farming brings in big money during festive periods ,so you can just buy chicks and rear them for some months and get to sell them for a big amount

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