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10 Tips to Gain Trust from New Clients | Build Customers Trust


Trust appears to be the number factor that brings about a successful relationship between two people especially the client ad worker relationship. If your client does not seem to trust you there is absolutely no way your relationship with the client will work out, right here on sharpestarena, we want the best for you and your client which is why today, we would be bringing to you the 10 tips to make new clients trust and believe you, as that would make you last long with the client in terms of business and earnings.

Have you got new clients this day and you want to make them earn their trust, no problem, we have got you covered on this, here is the deal, take a sit back and watch us unravel the secrets behind building a trustworthy relationship with all your clients either old or new clients.


Without much ado, we would be riding straight into the tips needed to make new clients trust and believe you. So if you really think that client would make a head way for you in your career and you want to hold them down by making them trust you make use of the following tips to earn their trust.

1. Share your work samples with them

If you happen to get a new client today, the most important way to gain their trust for you is to show them your previous work project for other clients so as to make them sure that you can carry out the given task or said task without stress and wastage of time. 

The quality of your past works will help broadcast you more as well as speak for you indept the client’s mind, they are going to be comfortable knowing that you are a professional and you have worked for other clients successfully. 

More also, show them testimonies from other clients as that would also make them trust you the more due to the fact that another client has attested to your hard work and quality works, let them know you are able to meet up with deadlines and you have the ability to communicate and interact well with them.

So if you are type that does not get testimonies from other clients after working for them, it would be advisable to make it an habit to get their testimonies after you have carried out their given tasks so as to help you get new clients and build your trust around them.

2. Email and Present like a professional

This tip for trust also appears to be important due to the fact that the way you present yourself at the first instance in front of a new client matters most, if you present yourself like a novice to them, they would actually take you for a novice, and therefore, their trust for you will be on a zero level.

What do I mean? Here is the deal, as a professional looking out to get new clients and you want them to trust you, you have to send your proposal probably via email like a professional, don’t just propose for the sake of proposing to get a new client.

Getting to email them or communicate with them for the first time doesn’t actually mean you should be formal, be free, be brief, provide relevant information and remain friendly, with this, you have them held down.

When I say you shouldn’t be formal, I mean speak to them like you would speak to your colleague, but if you appear to have colleague that joke and play a lot, I hope you know you shouldn’t speak to new clients like that, just be cool, and keep the conversation interesting and the client would come knocking at your door.

3. Meet up with their time

Here is another useful tip, and I presume by this time you must have get past the first and second tips of making new clients trust ad believe you, but that isn’t enough yet, so here is another way to hold them down, ensure you always respect their time, if you are to hold a meeting with them, ensure you make it there on time and don’t disappoint them.

More also, it may not be meeting, cause most of us could get our clients online, so if you are given a specific task to carry out, ensure that you meet up with their deadlines so as to earn more of their trust for you, and with this, they would also be proud to recommend you to other clients and from there your coast gets enlarged.

4. Don’t flake

Flaking can definitely make you lose a client, most freelancers online are known to have this flakey reputation, therefore you must ensure that you are not flakey, don’t leave any project undone or unfinished.

You don’t understand what I mean by being flakey?
Now let’s get you the details, it is quite understandable that you might be tied down with different work from lots of clients but that doesn’t mean you run away from the ones you get from a new client, you should communicate with the client to make them understand what you are going through at the moment and if you can’t meet up.
You can make a personal recommendation for them, and with this you have their trust for you because they would know, there is no way they won’t get a solution with you.

5. Meet up with the deadlines givenAs stated earlier

To make new clients trust and believe you. You should posses the attribute of meeting up with their deadlines so as for them to build confidence in you and they would be able to rely on you for the next job they give you.

Meanwhile, it is not just about meeting up with deadlines, you have to meet up with the right frame of work, what do I mean? 
You have to offer them the best you can, make it a quality job even if the money you are offered at first isn’t worth the job you do for them, hey, you want to earn their trust completely, therefore you have to make sacrifices.

6. Effective Communication

If it appears that you are unable or won’t be able to meet up with their deadlines, you should learn to communicate with them immediately, they would understand, things happen you know either professionally or personally.

So you just have to keep communicating with them from time to time, meanwhile, when I say you should communicate with them from time to time doesn’t mean you should start an unnecessary discussion with them, just explain why you are unable to meet the deadlines and provide an alternative date you are sure to meet up with, with this, their chances of getting upset would be lessened and they would be able to accommodate your schedules.

However, effective communication also goes far beyond communicating around deadlines be sure to make follow ups and give reports of your achievements and how you have been able to influence your client’s business.

Although, depending on the process of your job with the client.

7. Honesty and Transparency

Just as simple as it goes, whenever you find your client to be in doubt, be honest and transparent. Did you miss a deadline?

Communicate with them; give proofs why you missed it, that would show them your transparency. With this, the client builds more trust in you.

8. Request Feedback

If it appears that your client isn’t offering you feedback openly, be sure to ask for it as this would show your client that you actually care about the quality work you have done for them and if they are actually happy with what you have done so far or not. 

More also, it shows them that you are dedicated and committed to the job, it also shows you are open to learning as a professional because you await to get feedback from them and therefore their trust for you becomes stronger.

9. Be yourself

This is actually a part of being honest, you can act as a professional that you are and still be just yourself, you don’t have to get your true identity hidden, you can be quirky with the client as long as you possess the right sense of humor and style.

10. Go an extra length

Here is what I mean go beyond just the normal job the client give you be sure to go extra length to make them happy and get a good work from you, here is the deal.
If you know you can actually spend extra time for such clients without billing them just to help them out, you should actually do that as that you earn you their maximum trust, and from here you earn the chances of getting more clients from one person.


There you have the tips to make your clients trust and believe you, be sure to make good use of it, but before we say goodbye for now, we would urge you to also put yourself in your clients shoes, if you were them, would you be happy with what you currently offer them? All this would make your client happy.

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