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10 perfect ways Nigerian students can cheat in exam hall

Here are 10 easy ways to cheat in an examination but remember you have to be bold and brave to be able to cheat in an examination.

1. using smart watches that looks like digital watches

  This is one new classical way of cheating in an examination thanks to the advancement of technology smart watches are now made to be able to check time,surf the internet and view pictures basically it can do what a phone can do so if you have not got one you should go get one its very easy and safe you can surf the internet in an examination to get answers to the questions  and you can also take pictures of your text book on it

2.  The water bottle trick

 You can also cheat in an examination with a water bottle you are wondering how well its quite easy in an examination you are allowed to bring in water so what you are going to do is just get a bottle water and just neatly write what you want to bring into the examination then gently put it inside the water bottle label and put it back on

3. using Bluetooth

 There are small Bluetooth that looks like earing aid you can sneak into the exam hall you can probably have someone tell you the answer from outside the exam hall or make recordings of answer you can easily listen to

4. calculator with memory functions

Mathematicians here is a new way to help you with your formulas not everyone can master all the formulas if you are in sciences then this trick is sure to help you out there is a calculator with memory functions that allows you to store formulas so before the exam you can easily store the formulas you need

5. By peeping

  To be able to use this trick in the exam hall you have to be very brave and smart so as not to get caught so all you have to do is peep through your partners work in the examination hall easily you can copy their work all through the examination

6. By using signs

 This is a smart way to cheat in the examination hall its very easy all you have to do is choose your partner tou are going to do the sign with and just practise the sign going to be used with your partner during the examination for example 1 finger is A and two fingers is B and three fingers is C and four fingers is D

7. By sliding notes inside the cover of calculator

Every one knows that there is a cover for every calculator and calculators are not checked when going in for an examination so all you just have to do is jot down neatly the cheat notes you Want to use and be very smart when bringing. It out in the exam hall so as not to get caught by the invigilator

8. By sneaking in a phone

 To be able to bring in a phone to an examination hall you have to be brave and smart because if you are not brave your face could betray you and you would get caught so you can easily download textbooks on your phone or just snap the notes or preferably use the internet  and remember you have to be very smart to able to bring out the phone so as not to get caught

9. By putting cheat notes in a piece of clothing

If you are not brave enough to bring in a phone or slide cheat notes in your calculator this is a very  easy way for you to cheat . neatly jot down the cheat notes you want to use then add it to a piece of clothing it may be your shoe your suit tie e.t.c and for ladies you can put it inside your bra nobody is going to check all those places

10. By writing cheat notes on body parts

This is the most easy way or form of cheating you don't have to bring in anything so the risk of getting caught is very low all you have to is juat write the cheat notes you will be needing on the body part you want that will be covered with clothes e.g laps,hands....

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