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10 Easiest Countries to Migrate to from Nigeria with Visa Tips


Today, on our continuous edition of bringing you the very best and reliable updates, we are going to be discussing the easiest country you can migrate to from Nigeria.

Nigerian citizens are known to be rejected in some part of the world which hereby doesn’t grant them an easy access to such countries, (Africa, Europe, Asia, America) but nevertheless, there are great countries out there that are willing to accept Nigerians into their country even without much stress and hassles. Do you wish to know the easiest country to migrate to from Nigeria? Then, stay tuned as we layout the updates and information we have for you.

Easiest Country To Migrate To From Nigeria

As stated earlier, there are hosts of countries that are willing to accept just anyone into their country not minding where they are from, all they practically require is for you to have something that sustains you at hand with proofs and you are welcomed to the country, well, this is due to the fact that these countries don’t want liabilities and wouldn’t want any of their citizens to suffer, therefore, they make sure you are very much okay before you can be allowed into their country. So if you are financially okay and meet up with the requirements of the countries that would be stated out soon, then you are sure good to migrate. 

So what are the easiest countries you can migrate to from Nigeria?

List Of The Easiest Countries To Migrate To From Nigeria

(1). Panama

Panama appears to be one country you could actually migrate to from Nigeria without stress. If you sure want to leave Nigeria for a better place, Panama is a good choice to opt in for. The visa for this country is considered one of the easiest visas to obtain in Nigeria, as far as you meet up with their requirements of having at least $5, 000 dollars in a local bank and also breach the retirement age they are require.

Come to think of it, is this country’s visa easy for Nigerians because they are not developed? No, this country is a great country I know you would love to be, although, most Nigerians would prefer places like the United States, France, Dubai, and so on, but the world doesn’t revolve that way, if you really want a visa that wouldn’t stress you, just opt in for the ones we have here for you.

Now, let’s know a bit about panama, panama is an independent country located in the Caribbean area having a mild warm climate, they also speak English, which makes your living there quite easy and they also make use of the United states currency which is Dollars, so what more can you ask of.

(2). Paraguay

Here we have another great country you can Migrate to, this country also won’t give you stress, all you just need to do is have a job that earns you up to $5,000 per month and in a matter of just three years over there, you can be able to apply for citizenship. Isn’t that amazing? Now what’s the big deal about this country? This country is peaceful, having a low cost of living, a friendly nature, developed land and lots more fascinating things about this country which I would love you to find out yourself.

Now this would blow your mind, but do you know that the literacy rate in Paraguay is higher than the literacy rate in the United States you clamor for? Don’t be surprised, it’s really true, so get yourself a Paraguay visa today and live life to the fullest in Paraguay.

(3). Costa Rica

Now Costa Rica proves to be even easier than you can probably think, if you are a retiree that earns at least $1,000 monthly salary, then Costa Rica welcomes you, but what if you reading this post is a youth? Well, it such simple cases, all you need to do is stop being a lazy Nigerian youth and get yourself a job in Costa Rica.
Getting a job in Costa Rica is not hard as you think, if you are good in teaching English, you have better chances there in Costa Rica.

More also, if you are going to move there with your partner (spouse), just get yourselves job that earns both of you $2,500 monthly and you will live there happily ever after.

(4). Belize

Belize is another country you can easily migrate to from Nigeria without much stress; this country is such a peaceful and quite country where you can enjoy every moment without noise.
Do you know the most amazing aspect of this country? You apply as a tourist, hereby applying for a tourist visa which allows you to stay in the country for 30 days and after these 30 days you could renew your visa every month.

Hence, after 50 weeks of living in Belize using a tourist visa, you will need to proof that you earn about $1,000 monthly and some other information would be needed also of which after this you would be granted a permanent residence permission in the country.

However, this actually depends on the region you find yourself in at this country or where you want to stay as we got information that some regions in this country demands you evacuate the country after 24 weeks as a tourist and this hereby makes staying in this country for the period of 50 weeks to earn a permanent residence permission a bit complicated.

(5). Nicaragua

Looking for a country that demands proof for less monthly wages? Here we have got you one, if you are a retiree that earns just $600 monthly, this country awaits you, and if you appear to be a youth who earns more, Nicaragua says welcome to you.

These are actually the policies of this country, so If you are lucky enough to abide with their policies, you practically have no problem getting into this country.
More also, for the retiree policy, the country requires that you must be above 45 years of age before you can enjoy this policy.

(6). Ecuador

If you want to migrate to Ecuador, one of the easiest way to go about that is through a retirement program. This retirement program doesn’t not demand that you reach a particular age and no specific requirement for this program except for the fact that you have to tender proof that shows that you would steadily earn at least $800 monthly during your stay at the country.
What does this means? It means you have to get a job there that would earn you that amount monthly so as to assure them that you would be okay during your stay at the country and of course when you reach some certain number of years in the country, you can apply for citizenship.

(7). Belgium

Surprised? Well, it is actually no big deal to migrate to Belgium from Nigeria as long as you get yourself a job there, once you secure a job in this country, after two weeks of working in this country, you would be enabled to apply for a permanent resident, and this doesn’t mean you will be forced to stay there for ever even if you quit the job.

(8). Mexico

Mexico is quite easy than it sounds, if you are just going to visit this country for fun, all you need to do is visit that airport and pay as much as $21 which would get you an FMM Visa for the country.
However, this Visa would expire in a matter of six months but can be renewed as much as you can, but if you want to start working there, you would need to upgrade your visa for temporary residency which will definitely cost you more dollars, nevertheless, it’s worth it.
If it also appears you want to upgrade further, this would require you to leave for a certain while and return again to the country, and you have the country as your home.

(9). Canada

Of course, this country won’t be left out of the list, this country also proves to be one of the easiest country to migrate from Nigeria, although, there are several ways to apply for their visa, you can either apply as a student, a federal skilled worker, or by gaining employment in the country. It’s just that easy.

(10). Philippines

Philippines is another fast growing country that accept foreigners and welcome them with jobs permit to stay happily in their country.
You can travel to Philippines to look for a job or to school other there, while you can also migrate to Philippines with your family to live a better life.
There are many foreigner's advantages you will benefit in that country or you can totally become their citizen.

How to get Visa in Nigeria for Traveling to the Countries Mentioned Above

As promised, we would also be discussing.
How to get visa in Nigeria, now that you know the "quickest and easiest countries to migrate from Nigeria", let’s get you the easy access of getting their visa.
As far as we know, we don’t believe in people telling you to bring money in order to help you get visa for certain countries, even if they are going to get it done successfully, they would make do with the help of the embassy, so why not get things done yourself?

The easiest way to get visa is to directly turn to the 'embassy' of the country you wish to (migrate to) and find out the "requirements" needed for the provision of the 'country’s visa'. It can’t get any better than this guys, in the embassy, you are provided adequate information on the kind of visa you are applying for and lots more.

Conclusion On The Easiest Country To Migrate To From Nigeria With Tips To Get Visa.

So far, we have been able to reveal the list of countries that gets you easy access to their respective countries, so if you are looking forward to migrating from Nigeria and you need an 'easy visa', you can select from the list of countries we have got for you and "apply" via their embassy.

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